Observations at five months Postpartum

5 Months Postpartum:

  1. I still have quite the pregnancy pooch.
Reality- I’m sick and effing tired of the pregnancy pooch! Walking is just not cutting it.

  1. My hair is falling out strand-by-strand, minute-by-minute.
Reality- I’m going to be cutting my hair in half! Oliver has a strand wrapped around him at all times.

  1. My knees and back are constantly aching. 
Reality- I think I am carrying about 15 extra pounds still or 3 dress sizes bigger than before baby. My knees will tell you possibly a little more.

  1. I still think I stink!  Like I am still oozing pregnancy hormones and gunk.
Reality-I’m showering sometimes twice a day and am still stinky and sweaty.

  1. Since I am still nursing, my hormones are still WAY out of whack.
Reality- I’m kinda bitchy sometimes. "Sometimes" becomes a lot when I don’t sleep well. And I still have teenage acne!

  1. I’m ravenous with a raging sweet tooth.
Reality-I still have the “I can have whatever I want” pregnancy mentality when it comes to food.  I can rationalize every bite that goes into my mouth! So bad…

  1. I love being a mom so freaking much!
Reality- It is the true meaning of life!

This is my last "postpartum observations," because I am no longer "postpartum." I am a mom who delivered 5 months ago. I’ve been dragging that “postpartum” term around as a crutch to hold up my baby weight and poor eating choices. I’m dropping that postpartum mentality so I can get on with it!  I am a mom, a very blessed and proud mom, who has 15 pounds to loose, an attitude that needs to be adjusted, a mouth that needs to stop being filled with naughty goodies, I have joints that need to desperately be exercised and a mane of hair that needs to be tamed before it strangles my son. 

I positively Love Love Love being a mom!  It's time to shed the memories of pregnancy.  I'm moving forward with my son and not looking back to blame my pregnancy anymore.  I am holding myself accountable now for all of the things I have been blaming on being Postpartum. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

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AussieMummy said...

Yay!!! I'm now feeling inspired too.. Let's do it!

Kiwi mum said...

Oh my goodness, are we seriously no longer in post-partum-dom? (well you anyway; I'm a couple weeks behind ya hehe) Wah that's gone way too fast.
I'm totally with you on the weight and pouch to lose (if only I only had 10 pounds - I've got 10 kilos STILL to go!), the hair loss (wtf? I mean, c'mon, so not cool) and the teenage skin. It's ridiculous, according to tv we should be super skinny with flawless skin by now. Admittedly, we would also need to dress in neutral tones that perfectly match our wallpaper and curtains, and smile in a drug-haze kind of way at everybody as they stroke baby in slow motion, but that would be a small price to pay, I'm sure!
I'll miss your post partum reflections. **sigh** I guess it's time to move on to motherhood reflections! hehe

Kiwi mum said...

Oh, and if it's any consolation, by friend still uses baby weight as her excuse for her weight gain... her youngest is 5!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Oh God I hope it lasts.... Actually it has to, I cannot afford a new summer AND winter wardrobe!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Laughing out loud Kiwimum!!! The 60's and hoop skirts are flashing through my mind... Oh. Hell. No! I also love the rational that you have a few extra weeks. It's true though! I Think I read that after 3 months we are no longer postpartum... I think it should be 6 really, I have do doubt like your friend I'm sure I'll be saying..."theses extra post baby pounds, what a bitch!..."and you know me better than to close down one bitching stream without plans to open another.... ; )!!!

Kiwi mum said...

Oh what?! Noooooo! I'm still post partum, I'm sure - what else can I blame the crazy hormone swings on? (I formula feed so hubby won't let me blame it on the boobs, and I'm not a Jackson so I can't blame it on the boogie either).
Still, looking forward to your next bitchin stream! :-D

foodpixie said...

I'm still sticking to the 40 weeks to grow, so I get 40 weeks to claim "postpartum."

My weight isn't going anywhere, I've actually put on 10 lbs since leaving the hospital, thanks zoloft.

I've read that breastmilk can help with Acne, you just dab it on the affected area.

And I too am ready to chop off my hair. It isn't falling out fast enough for me, it's so hot and heavy. And Baby has decided it's the best thing to grab.

I look forward to not being hot and sweaty all the time.

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourselves mum's i've had the i've just had a baby comment the baby was 7! I'm not sure you every stop blaming something on the kids. apart from embarrassing them it half the fun of being a parent. Lol!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Lol! Not a Jackson... I'm using that!

Fancy Pants said...

My mom says it takes at least a year to take off the baby weight. Don't be so hard on yourself! I know I still look at least 4 months prego but what really bothers me is the chunky thighs I all of a sudden have along with the cottage cheese to match! Where did that come from? I have never had that before! I haven't even started exercising yet, just got the okay from the doc today. It's too blazing hot to want to exercise, group that with the sheer exhaustion we will never fully recover from until we reach retirement age! Aww, but it's all worth it, every time she smiles at me or makes a little sound is like heaven. Your beautiful even with those extra 15 pounds, I am still at 30 pounds over, it's ridiculous. Oh and I also like to make up things she is saying, I swear sometimes she is saying "yeah" when I ask her if she is tired or hungry. They are just amazing! Today she tried to dress herself by putting her arms in her onesie all by herself, I was shocked and was so happy, she just looked at me like "duh, I know whats going on".