Observations at five months Postpartum

5 Months Postpartum:

  1. I still have quite the pregnancy pooch.
Reality- I’m sick and effing tired of the pregnancy pooch! Walking is just not cutting it.

  1. My hair is falling out strand-by-strand, minute-by-minute.
Reality- I’m going to be cutting my hair in half! Oliver has a strand wrapped around him at all times.

  1. My knees and back are constantly aching. 
Reality- I think I am carrying about 15 extra pounds still or 3 dress sizes bigger than before baby. My knees will tell you possibly a little more.

  1. I still think I stink!  Like I am still oozing pregnancy hormones and gunk.
Reality-I’m showering sometimes twice a day and am still stinky and sweaty.

  1. Since I am still nursing, my hormones are still WAY out of whack.
Reality- I’m kinda bitchy sometimes. "Sometimes" becomes a lot when I don’t sleep well. And I still have teenage acne!

  1. I’m ravenous with a raging sweet tooth.
Reality-I still have the “I can have whatever I want” pregnancy mentality when it comes to food.  I can rationalize every bite that goes into my mouth! So bad…

  1. I love being a mom so freaking much!
Reality- It is the true meaning of life!

This is my last "postpartum observations," because I am no longer "postpartum." I am a mom who delivered 5 months ago. I’ve been dragging that “postpartum” term around as a crutch to hold up my baby weight and poor eating choices. I’m dropping that postpartum mentality so I can get on with it!  I am a mom, a very blessed and proud mom, who has 15 pounds to loose, an attitude that needs to be adjusted, a mouth that needs to stop being filled with naughty goodies, I have joints that need to desperately be exercised and a mane of hair that needs to be tamed before it strangles my son. 

I positively Love Love Love being a mom!  It's time to shed the memories of pregnancy.  I'm moving forward with my son and not looking back to blame my pregnancy anymore.  I am holding myself accountable now for all of the things I have been blaming on being Postpartum. Tomorrow is a brand new day.

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