Funny baby photos

June 18, 2012
While doing some research for a post, I came across a couple of funny baby photos.  I actually laughed out loud at them and immidiately searched Google Images for more.  I found so many, laughed so hard and realized I had to share. Below are my favorites... Happy Monday!

I have no doubt
Daddy will teach Oliver this one!

That's the same face my grandfather makes
 when he passes gas.

Lil' Soprano

I have seen this one before...

... so to find the original was awesome.
And to find out it's a girl!

I LOVE this!

I hope that baby is not seeing his own face
on that milk carton!

How does this happen?

So Funny when it's not yours.

Yep, I'm totally doing this next Easter.

OOOH I cannot wait for Halloween!

I can just hear the parents
pissing themselves laughing
staging this shot. 

Yes, we will be getting one just like this
with Oliver.
We already have the helmet.

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