Baby’s first solid food at 4 months

Well it’s official, I fed my four month old son peas.  His first taste of real food is good old green smashed pureed peas.  YUCK!  I figured I would give him something yuck tasting to start with to lower his expectations. Little did I know, but should have expected, he loved the peas! 

While Skyping with my mother in-law, my husband gets the bright idea to go ahead and give Oliver his first feeding right that minute, so his mom can share the experience. I was not sure that was the best idea, but voicing that opinion was not an option in front of the ol' MIL, So next thing I know Oliver is in my lap, jar of organic peas in front of me, with the new super cool blunt ended spoon from Dr. Browns  (see photo below) and the video recorder pointed right at us.  All I could think is, this is going to suck, my mother in-law is going to laugh at me and I’m going to get hosed with peas. Shiters!

Here goes nothing... first small spoonful of peas to his open smiling mouth and BANG he sucks it down! Ok, this is nuts, he loved his first bite of solid food and peas no less!  Bring on bite number two… Sucked it right down. I got bold and gave him a little bigger bite, and that’s when it got messy. I had the hubs get his little highchair to sit him in so I could have two free hands, because it was clear he was going to eat his peas. Thank goodness for the blunt ended spoon, because I would shovel it in, he would spit half out and I would just scrap it back in! I actually REALLY enjoyed, no loved, feeding my baby for the first time!

For the first solid feeding, a baby is only supposed to have one to two tablespoons. Well, not my fat boy.  He easily ate the first tablespoon worth of peas, and then let me know he was not finished by opening his mouth wide for more. (see photo below)  I gave him his second tablespoon worth and he was still not finished.  He wanted more peas!  I didn’t let him keep going, but I think he would have eaten the whole damn jar if I let him. 

By the time we were finished he had peas all over his face, onesie, the burp cloth and me too of course.  I put him in the bath, got him ready for bed, nursed him and within seconds he was out cold! I strolled out of his room feeling so proud of my big boy!  Not ten minutes later the first scream comes belting out!  Oh, no... gas and bad! It took a dose of gas drops, plenty of soothing to get him settled back down.  After that he slept very well, with out anymore gassy ass outburst.  Score one mommy and Oliver on our first feeding!

Spoiler Alert: Tomorrows post is titled "Mommy fail #5." It will teach you the right way to feed a baby the first time, because I screwed up in more ways than one. I just have an awesome fat boy who wanted solid food even more than I wanted to feed it to him.  I also expect a comment or two from this post to add to it... 

I Love this Spoon!
Tell me that face is not saying,
Also, notice the soaking Onesie?
Teething at it's finest hour.
I go through Bibs and Onesise 

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