Baby’s First Milestone-Eating Solids

I’m really stuck on this issue of baby’s first feeding, but rightfully so, it’s a huge milestone.  I really want to drive home to my readers, who have not started feeding, to start thinking about it now. When will you start feeding and what?  Talk to your pediatrician as soon as possible.  Basically a baby can start handling food at 4 months, but the American Academy of Pediatrics and most places around the world recommend holding off until 6 months, or at least until your baby has met certain growth milestones. Next you will want to know what kind of food you will feed your baby first, (i.e. rice cereal, veggies, fruits) and will it be store bought or will you make it.  This is a huge milestone, you will need to/want to be prepared.

I thought I was prepared. I knew I wanted to feed him as soon as he was ready, and that I wanted to make his food.  When our pediatrician said go for it, we did. Now nearly a week later I have some regrets.  I know the doctor would not have said go for it if Oliver were not ready, but I still worry he is too young.  However, he is an 18 pound, 26 inch long, 4 month old baby who loves to watch me eat. Still, he has been exclusively breastfed since birth, he probably would have been fine to wait until 6 months old. Or would he? I’ll never know, and I have to get over that.

I worry about his little digestive system and how he feels with the food in his belly.  I have decided to really slow things down. I’m only feeding him about a tablespoon of food at dinnertime.  He eats with us.  When he starts to demand more I will feed him more.  I follow his cues, and if he turns up his nose, that’s it with that food… for now.

On a positive note, he opens his mouth and genuinely seems happy to be eating.  He smacked his little lips together and opens his mouth for more when he is finished. The way he was so quick to catch on to eating has really put my heart and mind at ease. And, there is no question feeding him at night with us has helped him sleep longer and more soundly. 

As first time parents, the hubs and I struggle weekly with different parental decisions.  What we have learned is that we have to own the decisions, and have faith that we have made the right choice. After hitting this big eating milestone, we have also realized that we need to start looking down the road to our next milestone.  We need to make sure we have all of the information and tools necessary to make the right decision.  I cannot recommend enough that you do the same!

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