4 month well baby check up and observations

4-month Well Baby Check-up

1. Oliver weighs 18.1 pounds (75th percentile)
2. He is 26 inches long (75th percentile)
3. His head is 42cm (50th percentile)
4. He is showing absolutely no signs of permanent issues for being a "breech baby."
5. He got his vaccinations like a champ! He only screamed a little and then was all smiles! I dosed him with Tylenol when we got home and have yet to hear any screaming. Last time was enough to cure me of not having Tylenol on vaccination day. God that sucked!
6. My little man is already teething! We told the doctor we suspected it. In the same breath he is saying that it's not usual for a four month old, he opens his mouth and says, "Oh my, he IS teething!"


1. CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Oh my son is so amazingly cute!
2. He's grabbing at anything within reach!
3. Everything he grabs gets shoved directly in his cute little mouth.
4. When laying on his back on his play yard he is now batting at things with his feet. I keep telling the hubs any day now he will be chewing on his toes.
5. He's rolled over from back to belly and belly to back a couple of times, but he has no desire to do it on demand. Staring, begging and pleading are fruitless.
6. He will also only giggle when he feels like it. The more funny faces and giggles dad or I give him the more looks of bewilderment he gives us.
7. He still has to be swaddled tightly to sleep well. However, he naps without being swaddled.
8. When I put him down for a nap it's in my bed. When dad puts him down for a nap it's in his crib. I'm going to spend next week trying to get him to nap in his crib only.
9. Nap or nighttime, his room must be dark.
10. My baby prefers to be warm to hot over cold at all times. Just like his mommy!
11. The cat and the baby are still friends.
12. He loves his new exersaucer, even though only his toes touch the ground in it.
13. His swing is almost too small for him. He is so heavy it struggles to get going.
14. His toes hang over his baby carrier.
15. An entire load of groceries is easier to carry up the stairs than Oliver in his carrier.
16. My sweet baby is a super happy baby! He smiles and coos all of the time. I know I'm so lucky.
17. My boy is a talker. He lets me know his mood with his tone. It's really amazing.
18. He can go from laying down to standing by being slowly pulled up by his fingers. He stays up for about 20 seconds before wanting to sit, which he does by him self for 2 seconds before tumbling over. Our doctor was very impressed!
19. He is ready to take on solid foods, veggies and rice cereal, and I'm ready to watch dad try to make it happen!
20. My beautiful baby makes being a mother delightful and amazing. I'm so incredibly lucky.

This was for Ollie's Passport Photo.
Sometimes he skips smile
and goes to full on grin.
I love this photo!

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