What’s my baby going to be when he grows up?

I sit and ponder the most amazing things now that I’m a mom.  What color will my son’s eyes end up being? What color hair? How tall? When will he be able to pass a fart without screaming murder? Will he hate me through his entire teen years? Will I kill his father for not taking anything seriously before his teen years? And of course, what will my son be when he grows up? What will he be like? 

I am the most impatient person. I am that person who cannot buy gifts and hold on to them.  I can bearly get the damn thing wrapped before giving it away. I love surprises but it causes me internal pain to contain them, I think I will explode if I hold them in too long.  There are so many things I cannot wait to find out about my son, even though I know I should just embrace now and not worry about tomorrow. Well, screw that, I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHNG RIGHT NOW!!

What my son will be like when he grows up, and his profession or calling I sit and ponder the most.  I wonder what he will be and will I have any influence over it? Will he dedicate his life to talking about poop like his father?  I wonder if he will be president, or like his name, Oliver, suggests a “peace maker.”  Will he make a difference in this world, or have children that do? Will he make me proud?

I just stare at his little face and wonder so much! It’s profound for me to think that I have made a human being that will possibly one day change history for good or bad.  I have made a little baby that one day will make a baby.  It’s really just so amazing to me the cycle of life and the insane amount of possibilities that come along with it.

I just pray that my son spends his days happy and healthy.  I pray that he is kind, loving and giving.  I pray that he is a good friend, humble and understanding.  I pray that he is a wonderful person that people love to be around.  I pray that I have the strength, patients and ability to instill all of those traits and values in him.  

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Alissa said...

Isn't it fun to daydream what our children will be like when they are grown? I sometime wonder what James will look like with teeth and hair... what his voice will sound like when he can talk. I try to snuggle him so much now so that when he's a teenager and hates my guts I can at lease know that I got a lot of snuggles in when he was a baby. I wonder what his hobbies and interests will be... aaaaahhhh!! Surprises are such a love/hate relationship :)

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Ditto to everything you said! His voice, hair, teeth... The possibilities for it all are endless! I'm sure no matter how much I stare I'll never figure it out!