Unemployed with a new baby

Yesterday was my 34th birthday!  I was also informed by my boss that my magazine was no longer going to be published.  Our last issue will be printed and distributed on Friday May 11, 2012. So Yeah, I got laid off on my friggin birthday!  I did kind of see it coming, but certainly not ending so abruptly. Shit!  Please don’t feel sorry for me, I hated that fuckin’ job!

The only thing that has me worried is making sure I can provide well for my son and keep him, myself and husband insured while we weather the storm. My husband has just received his Green Card and is looking for a job, and now I am going to be joining him in the search. This should be interesting in the current crappy job market.

Last night instead of crying I sat down and took a long hard look at our budget, and what being out of work was really going to mean for my family. I would advise using some sort of budget planner to tackle this. As long as we cut some corners, 3 meals out a week, frivolous shopping and cut out our family holiday this summer we will be just fine.  Again, I hated that fuckin’ job, so I really see this as a blessing in disguise.  I also believe everything happens for a reason, so really, the sky is the limit!

Since we are in the market for a house we do have a bit of money put away, but none that I really want to use.  I am of course going to file for Unemployment benefits and see how horrible COBRA insurance will be.  I have met all of my health insurance deductibles for the year.  I should be enjoying the rest of this year free of the fear of any more doctor bills, so getting new healthcare will suck. 

At this point, Oliver only cost me diapers, wipes, and onesies. Since I breastfeed there is no formula cost (THANK GOD!) I am going to just have to watch every penny, and truly live on a safe comfortable budget while my husband and I are unemployed.  

I would be lying if I said I was not scared, but I am more hopeful than anything at the moment.  I am really only sharing this information because I expect my husband and I both being unemployed is really going to affect our lives and will come out in this blog.  Plus, I expect the job search and juggling a baby will make for a few interesting stories and hopefully more laughs than tears!

If you know any good publishers, editors or freelance writing jobs PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! firsttimemomanddad@gmail.com Shameless I know, but I have a new baby, I’ll be putting my feelers out EVERYWHERE!  ;)

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Anonymous said...

Well that wasn't the best birthday news you could have received!! On a positive note, this gives you the chance and motivation to find a job that do love. I know that being unemployed is stressful. Until I finish school, my fiance, 7 month old daughter, and I are living off one income. It can be hard at times, but as long as you stick to a realistic budget, you will be ok. Hang in there!!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

You are right on all accounts! The realistic budget will be the key to surviving this without completely stressing and obsessing the entire time.

Unknown said...

Woah- crappy timing- but I say they gave you the best birthday present ever- unlimited time with your baby boy! One income isn't easy- but possible with a bit of creativity (cooking at home, RedBox $1 movies, a bottle of nail polish at home for pampering, etc) :) Best wishes and kudos for looking on the bright side!!

Kiwi mum said...

Definitely a mixed blessing - good luck with the job hunting but YAY for spending more time with Oliver!
Sounds like you've done a wise thing by setting yourself a budget so the next little while isn't grey-hair inducing. :-)