The Routine and houseguest... Not so much.

The Routine.

I am a first time mom, I really have very little idea what I am doing when it comes to my son.  Of course I know the basics, feeding, bathing, loving… it’s the structuring part that I find difficult and more or less a process of trial and error. I want nothing but the very best for my baby and most of all I want him to be happy and smiling all of the time.  I am quickly learning that is so far from impossible, unless I want to be a crazed neurotic mess 24/7.

Over the last 3 weeks I have had houseguest 12 of the 21 days, and have family in town for another 2 weeks.  It is wonderful having family here, but trying to accommodate their schedule and needs is super difficult with a 3 month old.  Basically my son, in order to be a happy chappy, needs to take frequent naps throughout the day, eat every three hours, be in the bath by 7pm and in his crib by 8pm.  THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GUEST! 

I know this to be true because I have tried my ass off and failed miserably. The very first thing I learned was the fine line between keeping Oliver on his schedule and keeping Oliver from the family.  During the day my baby likes to eat, play then sleep.  This cycle goes just like that every three hours.  If I skip more than one cycle without a short nap, then Ollie becomes a cranky mess. While I am at work daddy is in charge. This means no schedule is kept and by the time I come home Oliver is a screaming, over stimulated, exhausted mess. NO FUN!

After 4 days in a row of this crazy behavior, I stayed home from work to be a neurotic over protective mom.  It worked!  That night Oliver was a happy chappy after spending the day on his routine. I called my sister crying trying to find a way to enforce his Routine and not be a total bitch.  My sister said, “Unfortunately ONLY you and Oliver understand how important the routine is.  Making daddy stick to it like clock work is just not going to happen, especially with his family in town.” Needless to say she did not make me feel any better.  She did at least open my eyes to the reality of killing myself to keep Ollie on the routine is pointless. 

The bottom line is that I know how incredibly important the routine is for my son.  I am going to do my very best to keep him as close to it as possible without being a huge neurotic bitch. I have faith that over time an easier Routine will develop, one that both dad and I can stick to.  

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