Observations at 4 Months Postpartum!

  1. I’m still a fatty fatty boom boom! I remember standing next to a girl in Panera when I was about 8 months and Zeppelin size pregs, the girl looked about four months pregs, so naturally I broke woman code #1 and asked, “when are you due?”  She looked at me and in a VERY shitty tone said, “I delivered 6 months ago.  If you think you are going back to a flat stomach after you deliver get ready for a huge wake up call.”  For the life of me I cannot remember what was said after that.  Not only had I shoved my foot so far in my mouth I was already shitting the leather, I was just informed that I was still going to look pregnant 6 months after delivery! At 4 months postpartum, I do look 4 months pregs, God help me if I look 6 at 6!
  2. It seems like for every pound I loose another stretch mark shows up!  I didn’t get any on my stomach, because they all congregated on my thunder thighs. I asked my dermatologist for a miracle cream and she told me that only time will help stretch marks, and that’s just to fade. She said to save my money because there was no such thing as a miracle stretch mark removal cream.
  3. I’m still a bit gassy. ; )
  4. I have absolutely NO abdominal muscles.  Lifting Ollie out of the bathtub breaks my back.  I’m doing 25 crunches and sit ups a day, with a goal to get to 100 each by the end of July.  I figure lifting my chunky bub will sort about my arm muscles.
  5. I’m still exclusively breastfeeding my son, I am here to tell you breastfeeding alone will not “make the weight melt away,” like I was told. Diet and exercise are the only hope.
  6. I am so proud of myself for still breastfeeding.   
  7. My feet are shrinking!  I went up about a size and a half, from an 8 ½ to a 10!  I am down to a 9-9 ½.  I even fit back into some of my old shoes… although I have to say, thank goodness its sandal season!
  8. My priorities have completely changed, and for the better! Friday nights I no longer want to go out drinking and dancing, I want to cuddle with my baby and then my man, and bask in total peace and quiet.
  9. I’m still taking prenatal vitamins and eating a daily DHA “chew.”  Luckily they don’t make me ill like when I was pregnant.
  10. I can see all of my body again by just looking down.  I’m not going to say that is completely a good thing, but none-the-less I can see straight down to my feet without bending over.
  11. My Caesarian scar is ugly.  But, it is not that long, nor is it high enough to be seen should I ever loose my mind and put on a bikini.
  12. I can sleep on my belly again, and it is freaking amazing!!
  13. I still have a bit of acne, but since I’m nursing my hormones are still out of whack.  I actually went to the dermatologist for an annual mole check and left with an acne cream. 
  14. My hair is falling out strand by strand. I’m like Hansel and Gretel leaving a path behind me everywhere I go. What’s really scary is that my hair is long and every once in a while I find a strand wrapped around my son's neck, not good!
  15. I’m eating more now than when I was pregnant.  Thank God by some miracle, breastfeeding, I am not gaining as much.
  16. I make cookies and cupcakes my bitch on a daily basis. 
  17. I have not had caffeine or dairy, minus a slice of cheese here or there, in 3 months. My son gets gassy from dairy, and cranky from caffeine so I avoid both like the plague.  I have grown to love Almond Milk.
  18. The “pregnancy amnesia” has not set in, I remember every stinking, uncomfortable, sick, gassy, bloated, crazy bitch moment of my pregnancy.
  19. I was so terrified of becoming a mother, and now I cannot imagine my life any other way. I don’t want to!
  20.  Everyday somehow my heart grows bigger! I know this because everyday my heart feels like it is going to explode with love for my son, the next I manage to somehow love him even more.

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