My baby's dirty stinky neck

May 25, 2012
I'm so over my son's neck, or lack there of.  Well, at nearly 4 months he has a little neck growing between his chest and head, but not much.  The problem is that I cannot get to it to clean out the deep creases!  It drives me crazy how he smashes it down on his little body at bath time making it near impossible to clean it out. Every time I manage to see in between the creases there is load of white formula and fuzzy gunk hiding in there.  It is SO GROSS!! I am just afraid if I pry his neck off of his chest I will hurt him.  

Every day I can see his neck growing a little more.  The back of his neck is easy to clean, it's the part right in front that is impossible.  The poor little guy has like 5 fat rolls in between his head and chest.  I can usually get to two, but two other ones are clamped down so tight in there I have to get the hubs to help me.

What really makes me feel bad is when I give him kisses and can smell the gunk in the cracks.  How can I call myself a neat freak when my son is growing a science experiment in his neck?I have learned that at feeding time I have a good shot at getting in the cracks of his neck.  The trick is remembering to have something handy to clean it out with, which I rarely do.  

I just cannot wait until he grows his neck out. Anyone got any good tips or tricks for getting in the cracks???
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