I’m so tired

Today I am so incredibly tired.  I had a terrible night sleep, a job interview in the morning and a busy afternoon.  I’m just exhausted and achy and not in the mood for anything.  While emailing with a good girlfriend, I just started making a list of all the things I am tired of.  By the time I was finished I actually felt SO much better!  So, here is my list and some of my favorites from hers.  I really encourage you to make your list. It’s like blowing off steam.  I would love for you to post your list in the comments section too!

Here goes…

I am tired of…

Figuring out what to eat for dinner
Making breakfast
The dirty carpet
Getting my hand in Oliver’s poo poo diapers
The constant fear of SIDS
My loud white trash neighbors
My husband's annoying traits
Not sleeping more than 3 hours
Worrying about the bills
Being a fat post partum blob
Having nothing to wear
Postpartum acne
Not having a girls night out of wild and wickedness
Not being able to drink too much and hating myself in the morning
My feet and back being sore ALL OF THE TIME!
Cleaning the house and most of all bathroom
Not having a career I love
Constantly working at having a good attitude
Complaining when I know it could be so much worse but not really living my life that way…
Forgetting how temporary everything really is.

My girlfriend’s list…

300 cable channels and NOTHING to watch on TV
Asking my husband to start the dishwasher in the morning
Seeing clumps of cat hair and cat puke throughout my house
Being a wife
Buying lottery tickets and never winning
Not being able to get a massage every month
Never having any money
Worrying about everything!
The price of gas
My husband leaving work late everyday

Seriously, having a bad day?  Give making a list a shot and see how you feel.  

The real test I suppose is then figuring out how to eliminate the list all together…

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Unknown said...

All of the above! Plus....

Feeling torn between my daughter, son and husband
Not having control over the future
Tired of feeling guilty over every decision made
Of getting puked on constantly!
Babysitting my nephew (not always- but just exhausting)
Watching the sick perverts and psychos on the news
Tired of being tired.

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

Oh! Ditto on the puking! I just got it in my hair. Every time I remind myself how thankful and blessed I am to have my little puke machine... But it still does not negate the fact that I have to take a shower to get the milk out of my hair. A leave in conditionair it is not!!

Unknown said...

haha-Chase goes for the cleavage- without fail- everytime at the doctor's, or when I walk outside for any random reason. If it were straight liquid it'd be one thing, but it's like cottage cheese (BLECH)

Anonymous said...

I am tired of:

People who don't have children telling me how to raise my own
Having to put my baby's feeding schedule before my own... I want to have more than 2 meals a day
My house being a mess
Not having the energy to clean
My future mother-in-law insisting that she knows better because she's had four children... this is MY child dammit!
Not liking what I see in the mirror
Hating my clothes (or lack thereof)
Walking into my baby's room and seeing that I haven't finished three of the projects I had planned before she was born.
Not wanting to have sex
Feeling pressured to have sex... last night I was informed it has been over three weeks. I thought it had been just over one. I bought him a toy for a reason and I encourage porn... just, PLEASE, let me sleep.
Wanting to workout, but being to tired to do so
Having to be "on" all the time now that my baby is mobile. How can she get across the room so fast?! And why does she LOVE power cords?!
Not feeling like "me"
Not being able to go out and just have fun without any worries about how my baby is doing
Not having a life outside of being a mom
Funds being so tight... I want a haircut!
Childless friends

Bianca said...

Hi Ladies!

THank you for your lists! I felt sooo tired of just everything this morning!

Now I had a bit of a laugh and I feel much better!

My little one is almost 7months old and a darling. We cannot actually complain - we have had no serious problems and a beautiful natural home birth on the farm we stay on.

That said the constancy(is that a word) of being a mom is what gets to me. The fact that it never ever ends - and I know.... if I do get some time "off" it will feel weird and I will still be thinking of him! :)

Tomorrow is another day! And I am lucky, I have a wonderful partner that seems to tolerate and understand my cranckyness....

Lots of love to all of you!