Baby Giggles!

At 3 ½ months and 3 days my little baby Oliver giggled!  Then I squealed with delight and cried!  2 points Ollie, no points mom.  

A few days ago Oliver tried to giggle but made some crazy grunting noise and then fussed.  I knew he was trying to giggle, but unfortunately he didn’t understand what was going on so he got frustrated, grunted then whined.  Still, even that was cute.  This also let me know the giggles were coming!  So I spent everyday since doing everything I could to get this boy to giggle.  I laughed at him, tickled him, made funny faces, begged him, you name it daddy and I tried it. 

Yesterday while we were sitting on the couch, I laid him on my chest to nap (my absolute favorite!) but he was not interested.  I lifted him up and sat him on my knees.  He looked in my eyes and smiled.  I said, “Oh I love you so much!”  He smiled even bigger which made me laugh, because he was so freaking cute!  Then he smiled bigger and kicked out a little.  This made me laugh,  then out of nowhere, he did too!  Two little giggle-grunts.  OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING!!

I called for dad to come watch.  The three of us looked like a pack of goofs sitting on the couch laughing at each other.  It was that infectious laughing where we all just laughed at each other laughing.  I cried proud mommy tears. I think dad dropped a tear too.  By the time we had gotten all of the giggles out of Ollie, my cheeks physically hurt from smiling and laughing!

Oliver’s giggles are the answer to world peace. Now all I want to do is make him giggle,  it’s beyond awesome!  The only problem is that since he is still unsure of what he is doing, getting him to giggle it is not that easy… yet!  Still, I have a blast trying and regardless he smiles big through it all.

Oh, my goodness y’all, a baby laughing is really the sweetest most beautiful thing.  And when it’s your own… the world stands still…

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