Parenting Fails...Mommy Style...


I think I had the same conversation with my mom


Every kid deserves a friend!


Wow! That's all I have got here.
They had to blow out the candles together?

It's Penis Pizza!

Well at least the kid has goals.

Mommy has to make a living...

This just makes me realize
I need to know the parents my son is hanging out with
not the kids

I guess what ever gets you through...

Maybe I shouldn't judge...
This will be me one day for sure!

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Kiwi mum said...

LOL the penis cake cracked me up! I dunno... Maybe it was meant to be a tower?

Mommy Unmuted said...

LOL. The babies dancing by the stripper pole can't be real. Can it? Has to be photoshopped!

FirstTimeMomandDad.com said...

I would say probably but the girl holding the one baby close to the pole is already hanging her head in shame. Soooo wrong... On so many levels!

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