Going from mommy to me

I had no idea how much I had “let myself go” until getting ready for work yesterday. I looked in the mirror and thought shit! My hair is reaching mermaid length, my nails are broken shells, my feet are as rough as a lumberjacks, my eyebrows need to be cut with a lawn mower and the tops of my feet have bushes growing on them. GROSS! GROSS! GROSS!

I'm a fairly low maintenance chick, but the current mess I have become is a new low for me. Instantly I knew I had only two options, move to the Amazon forest or call the salon. I opted for the latter and begged for the very first available appointment!

I combed through my latest In style magazine to find the new look I wanted. I loved this color and style. A poll of my sister, BFF and hubs sealed the deal, they loved it too. I was going for glam, no more Miss ponytail!

Super hot!

I walked into the salon, drank in the beautiful smell of Aveda products and nearly started crying tears of joy. The walls lined with product and girly frills made me feel instantly like a woman again. I was gitty with the excitement of knowing in a few hours I was going to go from mommy to me!

I am the queen of wash-n-go. My make up routine takes 2 minutes, the ponytail one minutes and I'm out the door. So, when I sat down with the colorist and stylist they started talking in a language I'd never heard, product this, color that, routine this, 8 week maintenance that... Oh, did I mention that in my 33 years of living I have never had my hair professionally colored?

I thought bringing in a picture would be all I needed to break the stylist/low maintenance girl language barrier. Not so much. Still, we stumbled though the what I want, and what I’m actually going to get barrier and off to coloring I went…

Long story short, I FEEL SO DAMN GOOD! I feel like a lady-mommy not a zombie-mommy. It’s amazing what a bit of salon treatment can do for the new mother. Please if you have not already figured this out, CALL THE SALON! Go pamper yourself, even if it is just for a little bit. We have given up the last year of our lives to growing a baby and festering raging hormones, it’s time we got a little bit of lovin’ back! In fact I’m going back for a facial next week! I have never had one of those but if it makes me feel half as good as I do right now, then time and money well spent!

Go on momma indulge your inner Princess! You deserve it!

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