My baby was born breech.

One thing I talked a lot about on my blog was the fact that my son spent his entire 9-month ride in my belly in the frank breech position. This really only meant two things to me, 1. He had to be born via Cesarean, which I was already doing anyway and 2. He could possibly be born stuck in the breech position. My doctor warned me that he might have his legs up by his ears for the first week or few months of his life, and worse case need a brace to help him stretch out and correct any issues he may have. I was worried, but unsure of what to expect, I tried not to expect anything, especially the worst-case scenario.

As you can see from the photo he was born perfect! Yes, he was "stuck" so to speak in the "L" shape you see in the photo for a couple of days, but once the doctor started doing a bicycle like exercise with his legs, he began to relax. Our pediatrician explained that babies who stay in the breech position after birth are not really stuck, but rather comfortable, it is what they are used to. When no injuries or issues are present they can come right out of it, or relax their legs whenever they are ready.

Thankfully he did not have any issues at birth as a result of being breech, so it was just a matter of time before he would stop holding his legs up in the air. He finally relaxed fully about a week after birth. It didn't seem to bother him, and it didn't bother me, so no harm no foul! I did have to breastfeed him at first in the "football" position but do to the C-Section incision I had to feed that way anyway.

Just like all of my other fears while I was pregnant, my constant worry about my son’s position was wasteful. He came into this world just as we expected him too, ass first, defiant and beautiful. Nearly a month later the only time he pops back into his old breech ways are when he is mad, not in the mood to let mommy and daddy change his diaper properly or when he sleeps. He sleeps on his side in the “L” position. No matter how many times we put him back on his back, he always seems to roll back to his side and stick his legs out in front of him.

If you or someone you know is carrying breech, not to worry! A breech baby is just an even more special baby with even more character than the newbie next door. My son is perfect in every way and here is a picture of his cheeky grin to prove it!

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