St. Patrick's Day Party Essentials

Every year, The Aussie and I throw down for our city's St. Patrick's Parade. We live very close to the parade route, so our friends turn up an hour early to walk up with us. Afterward, we all walk back to our house and have the best St. Patty's party ever!  

The kids go wild. The parents don't care. We eat. We drink. We celebrate being with each other.


In preparation for the party, I thought I would look for some new, fun St Patty's day themed drinks and appetizers. Below are 10 of my favorite finds. It's possible, I will make all of them! 

This looks super easy!  

This is a kid's dream come true.
Warning: You will never be able to go back to rice crispy treats after these. 

Totally making these!

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