Crack-Me-Up Homemade Halloween Costumes You Probably Shouldn't Try At Home

While researching homemade family costumes, I found some of the funniest, most shocking and inappropriate costumes the internet has to offer. And of course, HAD to share them, but before we go any further, this post needs a WARNING:  

A few of these costumes are just plain Epic Fail OH-Hell-No-What-is-happening-to-this-world costumes. PLEASE DO NOT try most of these at home. (If you do, send me a photo and an address to where I can send the thank you card!)

Without further ado... It's about to get UGLY...

The Kids...

So, you are trying to tell me that, not only am I NOT going to be a princess...
I'm basically going to be a douche bag?

Mom, I think I need some pants. 


 This is not acceptable ADHD therapy.

Nothing says, Stop throwing your sister, quite like making her look like a football. 

Sweet mother of Mercy. 
I thought cloning was illegal?
I love this.

Poor kid, clearly his parents hate him.

I want to be friends with this kid's parents.

Mom? Dad?
I'm not so sure about this dumb ass costume.
Little red riding hood didn't have a mustache?
Did mom forget to pick up the costume from Target on her way home?
Clearance bread. Classic.  

The Parents...

And take your little friends with you.

Dude. Really?

So that's how Octomom does it...

Sponge Bob's lawyer called... 
You are in big trouble when the Cops, Crimes against Cartoons and CPS are finished with you.

The only thing I am sure of right now is that it's holding a beer.

That's one way to show the kids where babies come from.
 Good luck paying the therapist bills.

And 'Father of the Year' goes to...
Not this guy.
Surely there is a good explanation for this. 
Um. Well.
I guess this dad can have the award.
His kid is covered up, and so is he.

Ok, this is actually genius.
As long as they are not the beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse.

No explanation will do.

What is your family dressing up as this year?

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