The Best MOMent Of My Day...

Even though I am guilty of saying the best MOMent (Mom loving moment) of my day is the minute nap time starts, or on Mondays and Wednesdays when I drop Ollie off at play school, or the minute bedtime starts... Even still, none compare to the very best MOMent... the MOMent that comes out of nowhere and fills my heart with joy and peace...

Right after my son turned one, he stopped wanting to be held. I guess he needed his independence, or to keep moving since his legs would take him where ever he wanted to go. Whatever it was, the only time I could hold him for more than 30-seconds was when I was nursing him to sleep. It was sad, I wanted to cuddle with my sweet baby. He wanted nothing of it.

My kid can be so full-on wild sometimes that I am sure he is possessed. Such is the way of the toddler, right? He's the king of testing limits, running wild and growing intellectually and physically by leaps and bounds, daily. He moves swiftly, like a ninja jacked up on sugar. He's constantly on the go from one toy or activity to the next. Of course, with an attention span that rivals a blowfly's, I'm not that surprised by the constant movement. But every once in a while, he will slow down, and crawl in my lap... And that's when my beautiful MOMent begins...

Out of nowhere, my little wild child wants to be held. It's WONDERFUL! He crawls in my lap, asking for a "cuddle" and snuggles in close. He hugs me. I hold him close. I squeeze tight, he squeezes tighter. I breath in his sweet baby smell, and try to feel his heart beating against mine. Time stops. The world is perfect. There is peace all around me. Life is good.

There is absolutely nothing better in this world to me than the moment my son and I share together.  A moment that involves nothing other than the love we have for each other. As we embrace for that very sweet quiet moment, we both absorb each other's love and scent. In that moment, the world is safe and good. In that moment, I feel that magical love that only a parent and child share.  It's truly the greatest moment of my day. I am so very very very blessed to have it.

That MOMent is a gift. A blessing. A MOMent I try so hard to embrace and remember everything about. It's without a doubt the most beautiful and peaceful moment of my day.

My friends, please take a MOMent today to experience this sweet blissful feeling of love and peace. Hold your child tight, and be silent while you breathe in her sweet scent. Squeeze a little tighter to feel his heart beating against yours. Tomorrow is not promised, so today, don't miss out on what will undoubtedly be the greatest MOMent of your day...

April is an award-winning writer, blogger and proud debut novelist - The Devlyn Disguise. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more about April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com


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