It's Not Just Awards Season In Tinseltown....

Some of you may remember that last year I was a finalist for one of the biggest baddest bestest Blogging awards possible, a Bloggie. The annual Weblog Awards named First Time Mom and Dad a finalist for 'Best New Weblog of 2012.'  Remember, I screamed so loud the echo was heard across the world?  Yeah, THAT award.  (Think: The Oscars of blogging) 

Well, the Bloggies are back and I want in again!  Of course, I cannot be a finalist for the 'Best New Weblog,' but there are a few other categories you can help me out with!   Please, please, pretty please... it will only take a couple of minutes to provide me with another year of infinite Bloggies Bliss...

How to Vote:
Step 1: Head over to the Bloggies... (Link Below)

In order to submit a valid nomination ballot, you must nominate three different blogs, however, you can nominate the same blog (ME!) in numerous categories. For example, here are a few I LOVE and the categories I nominated them for... feel free to add them too!!!
Category: Best Art, Craft or Design Blog
It’s a Dome Life, www.itsadomelife.com (I LOVE HER!!! I have her art hanging in my home!)

Category: Best Travel Weblog:
Lottie Nevin-The Rioja Diarieshttp://lottienevin.com (Lottie's blog is AMAZING!!  Seriously, she is the coolest, and has just bought a 'fixer-upper' in Spain... and her photography.... STUNNING!)
Category: Best Parenting or Family Blog
First Time Mom and Dad, www.firsttimemomanddad.com

Category: Best Book Blog
Words for Worms, www.wordsforworms.com (This is the BEST BEST BEST book blog EVER!!!!!)
Category: Most Humerous Blog
Quirky Chrissy, www.quirkychrissy.com  (We all already know how much I LOVE Chrissy. Funny, witty, non-mom that lives it up!!!)
First Time Mom and Dad, www.firsttimemomanddad.com
Category: Weblog of the Year

ME!! First Time Mom and Dad, www.firsttimemomanddad.com (DUH!!)

There are a bunch of other categories that will include any other style blog you read! 
Step 2--SO IMPORTANT!!! At the bottom of the form you will enter your email address to prove you are a real person. One entry form per email....  You will be sent a link to confirm your entry.  Pleas click it to confirm your nominations.  I PROMISE!  You WILL NOT get spammed.  This is my second year and I have yet to get any other emails from the Bloggies than the one for confirmation.

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