My Mother-in-Law is A…

Before I complete that sentence, please answer this question…

Now that we have that out of the way…(click the link below to continue reading this post.)

As some of you already know, my mother-in-law (MIL) is visiting for a few weeks from Australia. In the days leading up to her arrival, and even now that she is here, when ever I tell someone that my MIL is visiting/here, nine times out of ten I get a story that starts off with, "OhmiGod, My Mother-in-Law is Such A…" And nine times out of ten the person telling the story is very passionate about their relationship with their MIL, whether it be whole hearted love or pure hate. I admit, I mostly only heard things like, my MIL is a crazy bitch, or my MIL will never accept that her son loves me.  In fact, I dreaded having a mother-in-law thanks to those stories. I honestly thought ALL of them where evil haters.

When I first met my Mother-in-law I was pleasantly surprised. She was sweet and kind and caring, none of the things a MIL was supposed to be.  Still, I was only her son's girlfriend at the time, so I decided there was still time for my theory to be proven right…

Before I go any further, I want to talk about YOUR Mother-in-law...

I recently asked on the First Time Mom & Dad Facebook page and Twitter account, what people really thought of their Mother-In-Law.  While most of the responses were positive, and painted pictures of wonderful MILs, a few got me thinking…

Well, quite a few were all about how amazing their Mother-in-law is. The word Love was thrown around more than a bunch of girls at a high school football game.

Then one reader said, "I got pretty lucky... mine is great! Not sure how I will be as a MIL, though… haha"

Amen to that! I have no idea how I will be either.  I was so over protective of my little brother, thanks to his incredibly poor choice in women, I can only imagine how judgmental and shitty I might be to the wrong girl for my son! The thing is, I think I am super cool and could be the most awesome MIL, but what if I am a judgmental bitch?  The thought honestly scares me.

Could I really become an evil MIL one day?

Then another reader sent me a private message that spilled her heart out about her horrible relationship with her judgmental MIL, then added that she didn't want to leave a comment on the Facebook page because she was afraid her MIL or husband would see it.

Amen to that too!  Is it really in our best interest to fight with our Mother-in-law? Is there really ever a winner?  Our husband is the immediate loser since he will most likely be caught in the middle of the my-wife-and-mother-hate-each-other shit sandwich.  This cannot end well.  Ever. And most likely, it will never end.  Once the shit sandwich is made, who in the hell will want to eat it?  Certainly not either one of the two prideful women who made it!

Still, the majority of the comments I got were mostly about how wonderful their Mother-in-law is. Yet, when having the same conversation with someone in person, I got mostly stories about how "That woman drives me crazy!" This led me to think one of two things, either MILs truly are getting better and more friendly as a whole with time, or the readers with really nasty piece of work MILs were afraid to comment, because they knew she would eventually find out.  Well, here is your chance, leave comment letting me know how you really feel. Please complete this sentence, My Mother-in-Law is Such A…

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