Uh Oh... Daddy's Subwoofer is full of Hot Wheels. Wait. Is that R2D2? #WW Style...

The other day I turn the corner to find Ollie parking his Hot Wheels in Daddy's SONY subwoofer.  Of course I make him stop, but I wasn't all that worried since I was sure FTD would be able to get the cars out.

So, as it turns out, I was wrong.  REALLY wrong.  Apparently getting a few Hot Wheels out of a subwoofer is a really difficult task.  One that includes, vigorous shaking, two flash lights, a screw driver, a cat toy, a magnet, "sticky tack,"(Think chewed bubble gum) and Plans A-D.  Oh and beer.  Lots of beer too.

Who knew it would take hours to get this job done?  Luckily, I took photos the whole way through... In honor of Wordless Wednesday I am going to tell the story with those photos... (Please forgive my iPhone poor quality photos.  I had no idea it was going to turn into a production. Otherwise I would have started with the good camera.)
It all begins with the Subwoofer... A.k.a Ollie's Parking Garage...

First FTD tries to shake out the cars...

Out comes the first car... 
I nearly peed my pants laughing when I saw it had "Donks!" 
How freaking appropriate is that!  
 Donks totally scream, "park me in a subwoofer."  
My kid is so smart! 

When no more cars would come out from shaking, it was time for Plan B. 
 FTD busted out the screwdriver to take the Subwoofer apart.
After 15 screws, FTD realized that the thing was closed up like a vault...
Time for Plan C.

After searching for something to get into the subwoofer, 
FTD grabs the cat's toy and tapes a magnet to it.

In goes Plan C...

Out comes a need for a Plan D.
FYI: Most Hot Wheels are not metal...

Plan D.
"Sticky Tack" ((Blu tack)) an Australian thing.  FTD has stock piles of it.  
He puts a big glob of it on the end of the cats toy, then makes little grabby legs...

FTD shook the subwoofer until it sounded like a car was close to the opening,
and then in went plan D...


Out comes Mini Cooper!!
Mini is Ollie's FAVORITE!

Back in he goes...

A few more car fishing expeditions later...

We have three cars and an R2D2!

Needless to say, the garage is no longer accepting Hot Wheels and R2D2s....

Ahh the joys of Toddler-hood... Has your little one found any creative hiding spots yet?

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