Feb 13, 2013

Give dad some credit... or at least enough rope to...

For those of you who have followed this blog from the beginning, then you know I struggled at first with trusting  FTD to care for Ollie as well as I could.  I mean, I am the mother! NO way could dad, or anyone, care for My baby as well as me.  I feel terrible for saying that now, but in the beginning it was true.  I insisted on doing everything and letting FTD watch.  Needless to say, FTD and I had many words over this mommy-narcissism.

It took a few months, but eventually I began to have faith that FTD's ideas and ways were as good as mine.  In fact, I think around Ollie turning 6-months old I began to admit his daddy ways were better than mine. Now at a year, it is clear that FTD and I still have two different styles of parenting, but when combined, it does seem like a perfect mix for our son. I coddle and baby Ollie.  Daddy plays, jokes around, lets him eat non organic all-natural foods, and teaches him how to do naughty things that makes mommy nuts!

Lately, I have been very overwhelmed with a lot of things going on, or more like just maxed out!  So, FTD told me to take the day off. I agreed that I needed it, and took him up on the offer!  The plan was to nurse Ollie at 5:30am, go back to sleep and sleep-in!  Then I could have the day to do as I pleased, after Ollie's mid-morning nursing.

I thought I would share Ollie and FTD's day...

I woke up at 9:45 am with the following picture sent to my phone...

 With the attached Text... "Mmmm breakfast...

We have, Milk, Vegemite toast, eggs, strawberries
And REESE'S PUFFS!!! Oh, and he's watching

Needless to say, I got right out of bed to inspect the situation further.  I found Ollie and Dad reading a truck book... perfect little angels...

I nursed Ollie to sleep for his nap around 11pm and went off for a day of ME time...

FTD is the king of taking photos.  So I was updated all day with photos to let me know all was well.  Again, I thought I would share...

This was to let me know Ollie was up from his nap.
I was thoroughly impressed because FTD Changed Ollie out of his PJ's.
Some days, I let Ollie wear his PJ's all day,
then change him into a new pair after bath
2 points FTD! 

This was to let me know Ollie was being cheeky.
He unloaded my bedside table bookshelf, and was trying to climb up the bed.

OH what's this?
Daddy is letting Ollie play with mommy's shoes?

This shot came with the caption...
Look who's thirsty!
Thanks dad.
This was Lunch.
Gold Fish, Pasta, Peas, Carrots, Apple juice...
Wow, well done again FTD!

Watching YouTube with Daddy...
Oh my...

Hanging from the Coat Rack...
Oh My!
This is nice,
He is playing with his numbers and letters!

Is that his hand all the way in the Diaper Champ?

Ahh good, he is back to playing with his toys...

This was to say that Ollie was tired and ready for nap time.
Translation, FTD was ready for nap time!
I arrived home 20 minutes later to find them both

 While I did not love everything I saw, I loved that the two of them had a fun day!  I loved that FTD made a better breakfast and lunch than I would of.  I loved that FTD let Ollie explore and be wild more than I would have.  I love that I had a day to myself.

So, to any mom worried about daddy being an incompetent ding dong I say... You may be right, but give him a chance to prove you wrong... 

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  1. My daughter is slightly older than Ollie (15 mos.), but it seems we have quite a bit in common. I am thoroughly enjoying reading our similar paths!

    I didn't comment on it previously, but your description of windshield wiping the highchair tray was right on par with our household & I nearly wet my pants when I read it!

    1. Aww yay! Thanks for reading, and commenting! Yes, we had a windsheild wiping of this mornings breakfast. Always a winner!

  2. This is awesome. 100% awesome Daddy points! Yep- boys will be boys... (and now I want Reese's puffs- thanks!)

    1. LOL! the Reese's Puffs are FTD's Favorite!! Between those and the hand in the diaper champ, I am planning a day off for next week already! I am so proud!

  3. This is awesome! I'm glad it worked out and you got a day to yourself. There was post of the same topic (different take) on Scary Mommy a couple of days ago. You should go check it out! =)

    1. I love Scary Mommy! I will do check that out, Thanks Kristen!

  4. This is gold! Love the picture updates throughout the day. Our daughter is not quite 3 months and as a FTM I'm encouraging dad to spend time with her and not have to ask how to do everything. If he does something different from how I do it I just try and bite my tongue, and if he asks something like "what pyjamas do you want her to wear?" after I ask him to change her, I encourage him to choose and then say that his choice was good. I don't want to end up complaining that he doesn't do anything with her because I am a control freak and he is too afraid to.

    1. Ria, you are spot on! I was awful at first. Thankfully my husband still continued to try his things and be a super hands on dad. You will be so glad you engaged your husband from an early stage.


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