Instead of reading my blog today, go do this...

Paint your nails! Seriously, GO DO IT!  Or, even better, if you have the money just go get a mani/pedi.

As part of my 2013 resolution to find more *ME* time, I have been taking the time to pamper myself. I am showering regularly, wearing jeans instead of sweats (at least 3 or more times a week). EASY!  I am taking baby steps here. I am also doing my hair and makeup regularly. I mean, after all, I am a lady dammit, it's time I look like one! Plus, I am a proud badass mom, why can't I be sassy and fabulous too?

Last week I found that pretty purple nail color in Walgreens on sale for .99 cents, so of course I bought it with every intention of putting it on that night!  I LOVE IT!  Not too light for winter, but not too dark to have me mistaken for a witch, just perfect winter purple... Ever since I swiped that first stroke of purple on my bare boring nails, I have felt pretty and sassy. I love looking down at my hands and seeing my pretty nails.  I even feel sassy in my sweat pants with my rockstar hands.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go paint your nails!  I truly think you will feel instantly sassy too. There is something so lady like and sweet about pretty nails.  Maybe it's just me... but I don't think so. Seriously, stop reading and go paint your nails!

And then just to be awesome and humor me, take a picture and post it to the First Time Mom and Dad Facebook page.  Pretty (nails) please. Click Here to visit our page.

Happy Friday! I hope you have a sassy and fabulous weekend.

Oh and maybe when you are finished painting your pretty nails, you will come back and vote for me!  You can do it daily since the votes are rest daily.

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