What do you tell your kids when this happens...

Last week I took Oliver to the Zoo. Even though this wasn't his first trip, I took him a few times between 4 -6 months, this was the first time he recognized the animals. Which, was SUPER cute!  He would point and yell when they would move.  The monkeys where his favorite. Every time we tried to leave, he would point and squeal. I think I loved the whole experience as much as he did...

We also got to go to the "Land Down Under" themed area, where Wallabies, and other animals indigenous to Australia, run around freely. They were all just hanging out, and doing their thing when we walked up. Again, Ollie pointed and squealed at them. Then... something happened...

No! Waaaay... That Wallaby is going to... no....

HAHAHAHA!!  He totally is!!

My friend yells out to Ollie, "Look Buddy! That's how you were made!"
I followed up with,"They are totally screwing right in front of us!"
Then I switched the camera to video mode... What? ;)

Naturally, I posted this photo to the First Time Mom & Dad Facebook fan page.  I mean, come on, everyone should join me in a little Wallaby voyeurism! My friend immediately commented with, "That's Awesome! "they are just wrestling dear"." To which I reply, "So you mean, telling Ollie they are "screwin' like rabbits." is not the best explanation?"  

She replies with...

"Just depends if you and Aussie wanna be wrestling or screwing when he walks in on you!"

Ok, first of all, that is just plain FUNNY!  I don't care who you are...

Second, I realized at that moment, Ollie is beginning to understand me, and get a slight grasp on the world. I need to be mindful of that so Ollie doesn't one day tell someone, "I walked in on my Mommy and Daddy screwin' like rabbits!" After all... I have to agree, "I walked in on my mommy and daddy wrestlin'," does sound much better.

As it is, with FTD as his dad, Ollie will have a... colorful... vocabulary to say the least. I really shouldn't just add to it for the fun of it. Oh, who am I kidding? I probably will, but only just a little. Besides, we wouldn't really be us if we didn't spawn a child who will be, "not fit for some social circles". (Read "bad ass!!!")

I also think painting a pretty rainbow over the whole world of adult situations, until he is an adult, is ridiculous too.  I suppose we will just have to wait for each situation, and while it will be hard for us, think past the possible hilarity of our answers, to make sure we provide Ollie with the most comprehensive explanation possible... most of the time... ; )

So, what are you going with? Screwin' or Wrestlin'?

Two confused parents=One amused baby Hopelessly we are trying raise a baby who is clearly smarter than both of us. April is an award-winning writer, blogger and proud debut novelist - The Devlyn Disguise. Her work has been published in over ten countries and four languages. From books to newspapers, to print/online magazines and everything in between, you can find her work. For more about April, Visit AprilMcCormick.com


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