Never Say Never... I've sold out.

Oh, my this is going to be one of those posts I just shouldn't even post.  I'm feeling a bit manic and restless.  Whatever... here goes a few bits of chaotic ramblings...

1. Never Say Never... I've sold out.

My 2006 12" iBook G4 has crapped it's pants.  I am tearing up talking about it.  I love that little thing.  I bought it ages ago, traveled it all over the world with it, and shared so many good times with it. That damn thing was my security blanket.  Now it is no better than a boat anchor.  My heart is breaking...

So, the blogging show must go on... The only way to make that show go on, for now, is to use FTD's SHiTHOLE!!!! PC. Yes, that's right, I am a MAC, FTD is a PC.  We have learned to agree to disagree on this one.  This issue is the only topic that has caused us not to speak for 24 hours.  Warning: If you call my MAC shit, I will react horribly.


FTD- "There are rules to using this fine piece of Machinery."
ME-"Get Effed, Give it to me."
FTD-"Now you really cannot use it."
ME-" Sorry. You were saying... rules..."
I swear I saw his mouth moving but all I could smell was asshole...Stupid PC.

Anyways, I wrote a great post, and poof it was gone.  This my friends, that diapering act, is number 1 on my list of PC hating.  What is that?  Why are the track pads so sensitive that in one second your heart and soul can disappear into the PC Black (ass) hole forever?  UGH!

So, left with no other choice I had to further sell out and feel dirty...

I NEED a new laptop.  I am desperate.  I should not admit this, but I am a few ticks past desperate...

I...We... cannot afford to buy me a new/refurbished MAC right now. sniff sniff...

So out of a fit of desperation I have added a "Tip Jar" feature to my blog for readers to monetarily contribute to the blogs longevity.  Yes, I did the one thing I thought I would never do, I put a begging jar on my blog.  Since I think there is a special place in hell for PayPal, I used Google merchant.  Much better.  Anyways, I am embarrassed, but that is still not stooping as low as having to pretend to like and be grateful for FTD's SHiTHOLE PC!

Ugh. I am going to stop ranting.

Here are some things that have made me smile or laugh lately...

He is such a chub!

I like Hores too.  

When FTD spotted these 'Groves" in our local Asian Market...
It's not only that gloves is misspelled,
at the bottom right it ways there are 45/50pcs.
 So an odd number of Groves is possible...

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