I am so excited to tell you about my latest product review, ManSitter. I promised to be very selective about my reviews and only bring you the newest, coolest, and best products. I am confident I will not disappoint on this one...

The Mansitter company was started by two guys who found themselves in WAY over their heads when looking after children.  So what did they do?  Had a beer  and a brainstorming session.  In the end they came up with some great products that, in my opinion, every babysitter could use, not just Mansitters.

Here is the run down from when the Mansitter package hit our doorstep...

Once We (FTD & I) removed the yellow shipping envelope we found a neat man style brown bag wrapping job, I laughed, FTD was pleased.

They really thought of everything, right from the beginning.

The package was packed full of the Mansitter product line including: an apron, hat, men's t-shirt, baby onesie, babysitter instruction manual, baby report card and my absolute favorite, beer can baby wipes.  

I was really blown away by the high quality of the items.

This list has everything the sitter needs to know,
including the wifi and entertainment center instructions.

FUNNY!  Beer Can Baby Wipes! It's true, high quality wipes in a plastic beer can!

I love them.  They come in a six pack.

I love this too.
I can only imagine what Oliver's would say...
"He smashed everything and then passed out."

The whole idea behind this company is great, babysitting gear for guys. I have a feeling The Beer Can Wipes ($8) are going to become the next big baby shower gift for dads.  FTD loved them. He declared they were for him, I was to never use them, and he needed a six pack for Christmas. 

The Baby Instruction Manual and Report Card are great too.  Not only are the instructions a fun and informative way to provide all of the information the sitter will need, the report card is a great way to let the parents know exactly what went on.

I truly loved everything, will use everything, and if FTD didn't suck about me posting his photo on the blog, I would post the picture of him and Ollie rocking their Mansitter gear... I'll sneak it on to the Facebook page!

The Mansitter men have also offered up a Mansitter package to one lucky reader! That's right, beer can wipes for your man too! Sign up below.
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