We Bought A 1920's Fixer-Upper! Why, Yes... We Are Completely Nuts!

My friends, after what seems like forever and a day, FTD and I bought a house. Needless to say, we are so excited... And scared as can be. This place is three times the size of our shoebox condo and twice the monthly payment, but OH MY GOODNESS it has everything we want, including a huge backyard to release the beast (Ollie) into! 

Clearly, its a fixer upper...  and when I say "fixer-upper" I mean, needs more TLC than a guy suffering from a common cold. Our little slice of 1920's heaven has wallpaper everywhere, hardwood that are pristine in some rooms, but then desperate for restoration in others--some genius glued vinyl to them in the 60's-- and throughout the house there are fixtures that I'm pretty sure Christopher Columbus brought over with him---I'm totally using them too! Even though there are a few updates, for the most part, this house has barely been updated since the 60's. There's even an old converted oil lamp in the kitchen, and even a crystal chandelier hanging in this strange side room FTD and I have no idea what to do with.  You all this place is the goods. 

Due to our financially strapped situation, we will have to get very creative with the needed renovations. So, while that is bad news for us, it's REALLY good news for those of you interested in DIY... shared by two clowns; One clown with lots and lots of DIY experience --FTD restored two victorian homes in OZ--and one that has absolutely NO clue what the hell is going on--ME-restored... um... well... I can make... um... That wall paper... I can take that down. 

For Home Renovation Ideas and lessons learned (so far!), click a link below.

For Fun DIY Ideas pick a link or image....(check back often... I'm on DIY fire and adding new posts weekly!)

                     DIY For Dummies Vol. 2