10 Facts you should know about the Crazy Train- aka FirstTimeMomandDad.com

1. This blog is primarily written by me, April. (The 'Noob' pictured above on the right)  I am a full-time freelance writer and blogger. You can find me regularly on the Huffington Post and Parenting.com. (Check out my writing portfolio, here.)

FTD ('The 'Noob' pictured above on the far left) writes when he feels like it, which since going back to work his posts have been few and FAR between, however, he can be found regularly posting comments on both this blog and our Facebook Fan Page.

We both have a wicked sense of humor. I think it is crucial to have a great sense of humor towards parenting. If I don't laugh at myself, my parenting skills, and my child, I will lose my mind.  I am sarcastic, and use humor to vent.  This blog is most definitely 99.9% about finding humor in parenting.

2.  Our son is Two. I'm proud to say he is so super bad-ass, except when he wakes up at the buttcrack of dawn, throws food at me and/or toys at the cat, screams for the hell of it, pulls out the drawers in the dresser to climb to the top and throw things off so he can sit on top of it, runs away from me in the grocery store, tries to break out of his car seat while I am driving, spits his water out all over himself for fun, craps his pants minutes after leaving the house... He is a toddler... you know where I am going with this.  He is bad-ass except when he is testing me and his boundaries.

3. I'm not afraid to use my colorful vocabulary when necessary. I try my best to keep this blog clean, but that's is difficult when talking about the adventures and lessons learned while parenting a bat-shit crazy toddler.

4.  My parenting style is Keep Calm & Choose My Battles Wisely. My son's entire day is an experiment in learning, testing boundaries, climbing to new heights (literally) and navigating this big world. I have two choices-- say NO! one million times an hour, or stand at a safe distance and decide if I need to say 'NO!', or if just letting him have at it will serve him better.  I normally choose the latter so he can learn things for himself.

6. I try not to hand out any advice on topics I know nothing about. Think: Remedies for kid illnesses I have not dealt with yet.  If it is necessary to talk about it, I will provide a link to where I got my information from. There is enough nonsense on the Internet already, no way am I going to add to the lies, misinformation and bullshit.

7. Every month I change the Blog's theme or background.  I like to keep the look of this blog as fresh and fun as my content.  Usually the theme is geared toward whatever holiday is going on, or special events. That being said, I keep the same bright spring screen in between holidays. The layout is always the same- simple, clean and void of advertising overkill. I see the BIG bloggers out there with TONS of stuff on their home page.  It confuses me, why would I inflict that on you? I want you to read my blog, not get confused by the flashing lights and gypsies Affiliate networks peddling shit.

8. This blog would not be awesome without it's community! I have the best readers. They support, encourage and share on both this blog and the Facebook fan page. I would not blog without them. (CLICK HERE TO JOIN IN THE FACEBOOK MADNESS)

9. I go through phases with product reviews and sponsored/brand ambassador posts. Sometimes I go weeks without any reviews, sometimes I do them regularly.  I normally do not do more than one product review a week, and with apps and eBooks being all the rage, sometimes I will do one a week too. I never review stuff I would not use. It is such a waste of time for all involved.  It is just so important to me that this blog is a great balance between product reviews and content.

10. Over the last year I have turned into a Domestic Diva and recently bought a 1920's Fixer-upper.  Seeing as how pre-baby I used to order out and buy everything pre-made, these new developments should be fun to watch unfold, for both of us. In addition to all things parenting, the blog is going to also focus on some of the easy recipes, DIY and home decorating tips I am super proud of myself for mastering.  Trust me, if you are new at this domestic diva thing too, then you are gonna love this...


I'm sure there is more to tell, but I think this is a good list of who I am, what this blog is about and what to expect.  Just like parenting, this blog is unpredictable, but certainly full of adventure and learning lessons.  I also love when readers send me ideas, so from day to day the content can be vastly different. I just hope I can continue to bring help, release and unconventional ideas to all new parents who are, like me, doing their best to be the best at this parent thing.

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