10 Facts You Should Know About the Crazy Train- aka FirstTimeMomandDad.com

1. This blog is primarily written by me, April. (The 'Noob' pictured above on the right) I'm a writer, editor, and proud mama.

2. FTD ('The 'Noob' pictured above on the far left) is a ridiculously funny Australian who is incapable of taking anything seriously. 

We both have a wicked sense of humor. I think it is crucial to have a great sense of humor towards parenting. If I don't laugh at myself, my parenting skills, and my child, I will lose my mind. I am sarcastic and use humor to vent. This blog is most definitely 99.9% about finding humor in parenting.

I try not to hand out any advice on topics I know nothing about - Read: Remedies for kid illnesses I have not dealt with yet. If it is necessary to talk about it, I will provide a link to where I got my information from. There is enough nonsense on the internet already, no way am I going to add to the lies, misinformation and bullshit.

I am in no way good at this parenting thing. I screw up all the time. Learn from me. 


Just like parenting, this blog is unpredictable, but certainly full of adventure and learning lessons. I also love when readers send me ideas, so from day to day the content can be vastly different. I just hope I can continue to bring help, release and unconventional ideas to all new parents who are, like me, doing their best to be the best at this parent thing.