These Home Weatherproofing Tips Will Save You A Bundle.

Between the drafty doors and windows and old pipes in my 100-year-old home, it's essential I  winter-weatherproof before the first arctic blast. Here are twelve easy, tried, tested and totally worth it tips to weatherproof your home and save big bucks on your bills this winter.

1. Shut and lock all windows. You may be saying, Duh!,  I did too. But then I walked around and checked, I found FIVE windows that were open! Clearly, my husband and son think we live in a friggin' barn.

2. Secure the storm windows. Storm windows are a huge heat and money saver. If your windows are missing them, measure the frame and start calling home salvage shops. You will notice a difference.

3. CAULK EVERYTHING! Sometimes fixing drafty windows is as easy as caulking. And get this, there is this stuff called, "removable caulk" that dries clear and is easily removed in the spring.  I am all about it!!!                                                            

4. Put up plastic. For the windows in your home with only minimal drafts, or are particularly thin and let in the cold air, put up a plastic film with double-sided tape to block out those drafts. Chances are, you can pick up a weatherproofing window kit at any hardware, grocery store and even pharmacy you walk in to!

5. Drape out the draft. Hang heavy drapes, preferably ones that are labeled 'thermal drapes' with an insulated lining. You will feel the difference immediately!

6. Weatherstrip doors and windowsIf you do nothing else, put a foam line of defense between you and the cold air seeping through your front door. It makes a HUGE difference.

Funny story...  The first time I used weatherstripping on the front door it was a catastrophe! I pretty much wasted the entire roll. It turns out, prep is essential. Wipe the door frame clean first. The slowly roll out the stripping along the door frame. Cut at the corners. DO NOT try to make one the solid wrap of the frame. Tip: Use staples or nails every six inches to keep the stripping in place on those heavily traveled doors.

7. Get a draft guard for the base of doors. I love these draft guard things. Essentially it's tubing that goes on either side of your door to keep the drafts out. Usually about $10 a kit. If you are crafty, you can even make one!

8. Fill large gaps and cracks with expandable foam. It's super easy and fun to use! The best part is that once it expands and dries, it can be easily cut flush with the surface. Fun Fact: It's called, STUFF!  So funny.

9. Insulate the attic.  Warm air rises... right out of the house.  If you have space that is leaking warm air into your roof, crawl up in the attic and sort it out STAT! HUGE DIFFERENCE!

10. Change the air filter. Changing the air filter will not only keep the air dust and allergen-free, but it also helps your furnace to run more efficiently. Due to living in the allergy capital of the US, I change my filter every two months.

11. Flip the fan. Switch ceiling fans to rotate clockwise to push the warm air down. Most have an easy switch that sends the blades clockwise.

12. Buy that water heater a blanket! I'm still in shock about this one, but it's true, water heaters have special insulated blankets. And get this, it can save up to 40% of the heat that can be lost through the sides of the heater. HOLY CRAP!  Tip: Not all heaters are the same, so measure and do your homework before running to the hardware store.

If you have any tips, PLEASE share!!


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