6 Tips For Planning Your First Family Trip

Families all around the world look forward to their first vacation together. Whether you escape into the mountains on an all-natural retreat or head to the nearest tropical beach, it can be an exciting time for everyone. Here’s the thing: it can also be extremely stressful if you don’t have the right planning tips. To avoid this stress impacting on your family vacation, it’s always a good idea to turn to some trusty advice.

Book everything in advance

Everyone knows that the later you leave it to book everything, the more expensive it’s going to be. This is especially true with family trips, as you’ll be more likely to travel during peak season. Peak season is known for being hard to avoid, as it’s the only time you can take the kids on vacation with you. Luckily, it’s easy to save money when you start planning early, but booking a year in advance isn’t necessarily the best idea. In fact, you can avoid sky-high flight fares by booking between three and four months in advance. Make sure to book resort accommodation directly with the company to get the best rates. With these points ticked off your to-do list, keep stress low and enjoy the build up to your first family vacation.

Choose a family-friendly resort

There are regular resorts, and then there are family-friendly resorts. While most resorts cater to couples and adults-only, family-friendly ones are tailored towards families of all ages, and you can be sure there will be an abundance of activities for you to indulge in. Striking the right balance can be tricky with some resorts, as you need this vacation to be as calm as it is fun. When you are searching for a resort to stay in, make sure to pick a relaxing resort that also appeals to young children. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many options there are. At resorts like these, you can expect the day to start with a hearty breakfast and beachside activities, with lots of time to unwind on the hot sand.

Consider the kids

This goes without saying, as this trip is as much for your kids as it is for you. Although it will be impossible to cater to every child’s wishes, it’s a good idea to consider what they want to do on your first family vacation together. If you’re keen to keep it a surprise, there are a few getaway options that promise smiles all round: beach getaways are perfect for sandcastles and swimming, and kids old enough to explore might enjoy camping trips. Parents going on their first vacation with younger children- like babies and toddlers-should pick a destination that offers great babysitting, cool and comfortable nighttime weather, and a safe environment.

Pack everything you need

No one wants to turn up to their destination without some important essentials, but this happens almost every time people go away. When you have more people in the family to pack for, there’s more room for mistakes. It sounds simple, but making a list in the few weeks leading up to your vacation is the best way of making sure you have everything you need. You can add to this list when you remember something else, taking inspiration from online list examples. Whether you are traveling with kids or without, you should always take sunscreen and loose-fitting clothing, which will keep you cool in hotter climates. A first aid kit, travel adaptor and travel documents should also be at the top of your list- no matter where you’re going.

Try out some new activities

Vacations are perfect for relaxing, but family vacations are also an ideal time to jump into some new activities. When you want to take a break from building a sandcastle, beach sports like swimming and ultimate frisbee can be enjoyed by adults and young children alike. If you’re taking older children on their first family vacation, volleyball or kayaking might be a better option. Before you arrive at your destination, it’s worth looking at the local area alongside your resort, to see what kinds of options there are. If you’d like to be super organized, make a small itinerary to squeeze everything in. In any case, these activities are the best chance you’ll get to take some valuable family photos. You might want to take a waterproof camera with you to get the best underwater shots.
Don't forget to leave some free time for yourself

Your first family vacation is all about spending some quality time with your kids, but it’s also a time where you should be able to unwind and de-stress from your usual daily life. This means that for every activity you enjoy with the kids, you should also schedule some downtime to relax in. This could be as easy as sunbathing on the beach or indulging in a candlelit evening meal with your partner. As long as you leave your vacation feeling refreshed, and the kids leave smiling, you’ll know that you’ve nailed your first vacation together.

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