How to Find the Right Pediatric Dentist

Your child’s oral health is extremely important, and the American Dental Association has stated that children should start seeing a dentist around their first birthday. However, finding the right pediatric dentist requires more than just choosing the first one that shows up in your Google search. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right provider, so use these tips to explore how to find the right pediatric dentist for your child.

Ask for recommendations.

The first thing you should do is ask your friends, family members, and neighbors for pediatric dentist recommendations. Getting names from people you know and trust will alleviate half the battle, and be sure you’re asking for recommendations in your specific area and for professionals who deal with children your age. Gather a list of different individuals you hear about and then do some due diligence to weed this list down.

Choose a multi-service facility.

Some dental offices only handle very niche services, and when it comes to children, you want to ensure you’re choosing a multi-service facility. This way, as your child grows and needs additional oral health care, you don’t have to switch providers. According to Hansen Dentistry, “Finding a dental office whose primary goal is to make dental care more accessible and enjoyable for patients is important, whether a routine dental plan or an extensive treatment plan.”

Look at qualifications.

As a healthcare professional, your dentist’s qualifications should be readily accessible to you, whether through an internet search or by contacting their office. When looking for a dentist for your child, be sure to pay attention to their qualifications. Did they graduate from an accredited and trusted university? Are they specialized in an area you’re looking for? Knowing the answers to these questions can help you make the right overall decision for your child’s dentist.

Explore reviews.
Thanks to the internet, you can find out just about anything on anybody, including dentists. Do a quick search and see what people are saying about the dentist you’re considering. Do you notice a variety of positive dentist reviews or negative reviews? Do the reviews seem to focus on one specific thing, such as a bad attitude, an uncleanly space, etc.? Pay attention to what people are saying and use this information to determine who your child should see for their oral care needs.

Take a tour.
Most dentist offices are happy to accept new patients, and as a potential new patient, you should be able to meet the dentist and take a tour of the facility. Contact the offices of those on your list you’re considering and ask to meet the dentist or tour the facility. If this isn’t possible, it could be a red flag that this isn’t the place for you. However, if you visit the office and like what you see, then that’s a good sign this could be your child’s dentist. While visiting, be sure to pay attention to things like the staff’s attitude, the cleanliness, and the overall demeanor.

Let location and hours help you decide.
Your schedule is already busy, which means you need to find a dentist that is convenient for you. When looking for a pediatric dentist, be sure to pay attention to office location as well as office hours. If the office is only open a few days a week during times when you’re at work, this may not be the right place for you. However, if you can find a place that’s close to home and offers hours that work for your schedule, it can help you make a better overall decision.

Let your child help.
Your child’s comfort level is very important when selecting a dentist, so let your child help decide where they go. For instance, if your child is afraid in the waiting area, it will increase their stress level and the visit with the dentist will not go well. However, if your child enjoys the waiting area and gets along with the staff or dentist, he or she will be more comfortable during the exam and visit. Be sure to talk with your child about the dental experience and ask them questions about how they feel, then use this information to make your decision.

Finding a dentist for your child should not be extremely difficult, but it will take some time because it is important. By using these tips, you can ensure you’ll be taking all the right steps when it comes to making the best possible choice. 

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