This Dad Just Invented The Greatest Thing Ever #EarthHero #BetterTogether

Over the years, I've reviewed hundreds of products, and can definitively say, my favorites were almost all invented by parents. It's no surprise, really.  Parents know what parents need to make life easier. What's more, many of the products were more than just a great invention, they incorporated eco-friendliness, hypoallergenic qualities, top safety ratings, properly sourced high-quality materials... You know, the important stuff to us parents. 

That all being said, the greatest friggin thing in the world happened, a dad took all of those game-changing, parent-curated products and birthed,, an eco-friendly, Amazon-like magical marketplace.  (Thanks, Ryan. I am so excited to share your website with the world. BRAVO, Daddio!
Today, I'm partnering with EarthHero to share one dad's vision and hard work.
All opinions are my own.
 I've never seen a website like it. This dad spent hours, days, months, vetting products for his vision, 'an Eco-friendly Amazon'. He wanted a place people around the world could shop online and know every single product sold on is vetted for eco-friendliness, among other high standards.  

Before you think, oh it must be expensive, think again! Remember, this website was invented by a dad, not a big-box brand, He's not out to make us poor moms and dads, poorer! No heart-attacks from sticker-shock here. 

See, this is getting better and better, right?

Look at the vast selection of products, the low prices and regular sales that run.

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I know. Crazy!  

Those Sprout Ware Snack Cups are fantastic for space-saving in cramped lunch boxes. 

On, you can find everything from yoga pants, to kitchen utensils, to eco-friendly toys and stainless-steel children's lunch bento-boxes. My first time on the site, I spent thirty-minutes just checking out all of the products, pleasantly surprised by just how many earth conscious companies are out there. 

Ok, so I've saved one of my absolute favorite things about EarthHero for last...

Of the vast selection of products on offer at, many are invented by... 

wait for it...


EarthHero, has many, many products crafted by small, family-run businesses. Like one of my favorites, EcoKids. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of working with the family-owned and operated company, comprised of Cammie, Kip & their kiddos Jack, Magie and Gus. 

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So not only is EarthHero comprised of products sourced correctly, the products are made by moms and dads making a better product for their children. For their world. 

Be still my heart. 
Please, take a moment to check out, EarthHero. I promise, you will be blown away, too.   #bettertogether (SAVE 10%! Use MOMANDDAD at checkout.)

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