These Stain-Fighting Hacks, Every Parent Should Know

While I'm a firm believer every child is different, one thing rings true across the board, stains. Those little creatures are stain making masters. From the first spit-up to Big Red, stains happen. Add animals into the mix and, well, shit may literally hit the fan. Which is why when Empire Today reached out asking me to join a small round-up of super-bloggers to share stain-fighting hacks, I was all-in. Stains, I friggin' know. I have a boy and a puppy. I'm a stain-fighting Jedi.

It is my honor to share my stain fighting tips with you today, along with five other stain-fighting-Jedi moms and bloggers.

We were asked to share my tips on:

Coffee Stains. 
Colored Drink Stains
Crayon, Marker, Ink

Here's what I had to say:


For stubborn stain-makers like coffee, I start by saturating the stain with plain white vinegar. While the vinegar works it's magic, about five minutes, I fill a bowl with hot water and a few drops of dish detergent and grab two clean, dry cloths. With one towel I blot up as much vinegar, and hopefully the stain, as possible. I take the other towel and dip it in the soapy water and alternate between gently rubbing the stain out and blotting the carpet. I'll repeat this with a clean area of the cloth until the stain is no more.


Being a mother and pet owner, I know mud tracks. I know how messy and nearly impossible they are to clean out of carpets. I also know to avoid mud tracks like the plague. Thankfully, unlike sudden spills, mud tracks are predictable.


There’s only trick to getting back breaking mud stains out of carpets, avoid them!
To do so, I lay old towels by the door on rainy days and keep a pack of baby wipes handy to clean muddy paws.


Pet stains are the worst! Not only are they tough to remove from the surface of the carpet, but the stinky residue clinging to the fibers is near impossible to eradicate. To add insult to injury, that stinky residue is a calling card to your pet screaming, come back, I'm the best toilet ever! There's only one way to fight these stains, declare war with 2 tablespoons powdered detergent (OxiClean) with 2 cups warm water and a few drops of dish soap and mix until detergent is fully dissolved. Pour the solution over the stain to saturate it, but not oversaturate it, then using a gentle scrub brush work the solution into the carpet, allowing to penetrate for 10-15 minutes before blotting away the liquid. Spot treating stubborn areas with the leftover solution if necessary


What's a life without wine? And where's there's wine, there's inevitable spills, splashes, and whoopsies! For those moments, I reach for Club Soda and saturate the spill before blotting up the liquid with a clean, dry cloth. Crisis averted!


Finding waxy residue on your carpet can be downright scary. (Think: Red wax on a white carpet.) But have no fear, it can be done using a paper towel or paper bag and a HOT iron. Place the paper towel over the wax and press the iron into the wax, careful not to let the iron touch the carpet, hold for ten seconds. The heat will melt and draw the wax out of the carpet fibers and into the paper. Repeat, using a clean area of paper until wax is completely removed from the carpet fibers.

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