11 Travel Hacks That Will Change The Way You Travel

It's the 2018 travel season and no doubt you're planning a trip, somewhere. Before you go check out the eleven amazing 2018 travel hacks below. They will change the way you travel and make your next trip so much friggin' easier! (Don't forget to Pin your favorites!)

1. Roll your clothes to pack twice as much in your suitcase.

2. Make wholesome meals for on-the-go. Save money and a belly ache by making instant oatmeal packs. All you need is a cup and hot water!

3. Two words, Battery Backup. You can buy battery back-ups on Amazon for five bucks!

4. Freeze water before going through airport security! It's cool, I promise.  But they must be FULLY FROZEN. No water sloshing about.

5. Use a plastic bag to make instant hands-free entertainment.

 6.  A car crash or any other unfortunate event on a holiday is scary, especially in a foreign country.  So should you find yourself in Australia, and need to find good criminal lawyers in Sydney, find them there, before you go, even if it's not necessary... yet.

 7. Use a rolled up belt to keep collars from smashing.

 8. The shower cap is magic for dirty shoes...

9. Is everyone hogging the USB chargers in the hotel room? Plug your's into the back of the TV!

10. Don't let your razor go gross, use a binder clip to keep it protected. 

11. This may be the most important tip... SCAN YO' SHIT!  Always scan all important documents, front, and back and email them to yourself. Also, scan front and back of credit cards. You may need that cancelation or theft number on the back. Be safe. Not sorry. 

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