This Parent Essential Just Got A Major Upgrade! #PanasonicBaby #Giveaway

**Today I'm partnering with Panasonic to share and giveaway the new and DECT long-range baby monitor. All opinions are my own. 

When I look back to my years of having a newborn and infant, there were only a few items that I could not live without, and we’re truly essential to my child’s well-being and of course, my sanity. Things like diapers, bottles, a baby monitor, patience... 

Today, it is with great pleasure that I get to share, in my humble opinion, the best baby monitor on the market today, the Panasonic Long-Range Monitor. (And give one away, too!) Besides the fact that it’s made by Panasonic which is a trusted name in electronics, it ’s a first of its kind, a SUPER DUPER long range monitor! And when I say long-range, I mean 1500 feet. FYI: That's FOUR football fields! 

Seriously, if I could give every parent in the world one thing, it would be a baby monitor. From day one my baby monitor gave me freedom and peace. Things like not having to stand over my son and check if he was still breathing every 30 seconds the first four months of his life. (Mom fear is totally a thing.) The monitor gave me the freedom to go out in my backyard and have a few moments of breathing while my son napped. It gave me the peace of mind to leave him in his playpen while I did dishes. Bottom line, baby monitor equals mommy and daddy untethered, yet still safe, freedom.

So why is this new Panasonic worthy of my review and praise? 

I've reviewed a fair amount of monitors over the years, and at the price point ($149), the exclusive SECURE 1500 foot long-range, dependable name (Panasonic) and loads of bells and whistles, this is the one to own or gift. 

Here's why... Panasonic Monitor (KX-HNC3001) MSRP: $149.95
  • DECT technology, providing an independent closed network 
  • Up to 1500 feet of secure, interference-free range
  • Longer battery life
  • Clear night vision
  • pan/tilt/zoom
  • Peace of mind with wide eye view capabilities
  • 2-way communication to talk to your baby/toddler at anytime
  • Minimized background noise for clear sound
  • Customizable smart sensors + alerts function
  • Lullaby and white noise options
  • sensors + alerts for motion and room temperature
  • 13 hours in standby mode (audio on) or 5 hours of continuous operation.

The secure network, a first to use the DECT technology, is HUGE! I could seriously go sit at the neighbor's house with that thing. What’s more, the picture is clear, the sound is crisp, and all of the little bells and whistle‘s are like magic. 

NOTE: Most all monitors have similar bells and whistle’s--Sound, talk, white noise & Lullabies but they don’t have 1500 feet of secure network freedom. #Magic

Think: Date night picnic on a blanket out to your backyard and still have peace of mind watching your child on a crisp, clear monitor. Go talk to the neighbors during naptime, or have a drink on their porch after bedtime. 

Bottom Line: I really can't say enough. Skip the $200+ monitors and buy this one. Available on,, and for $149.95

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