How To Get Lean This Spring in 30 Days Or Less FOR FREE!

It's that time of year... For most of us Northern Hemisphere dwellers, the snow has melted, the fear of frost is nearly behind us, and most of all, we want to wear shorts or (Gasp!) a bathing suit. The fastest and healthiest way to do that is sticking to a manageable diet and exercise plan. Ideally, an exercise plan that's free, easy and fun. Below is my favorite go-to to get you ready for summer...

         It's time for the 30/30 Walking Challenge!

With this program, you can lower your heart attack risk, lose weight, add years to your life, sleep better and of course, better your overall health and mood. IN LESS THAN 30 DAYS!! Another great aspect to this program is that it is FREE.  All you have to do is walk to reap the benefits.  No gym membership, diet or personal trainer screaming at you, necessary. (Don't believe me? click HERE to watch a short video about this program.) 

The best part is this program shows results in just two weeks! Seriously, in two weeks you could be sleeping better, reducing your cholesterol and chances for a heart attack, be down a few pounds, and become a healthier, happier person.  How could you not want to at least try?

So, here is the plan: Walk for thirty minutes a day for thirty days. It's that simple. You can walk fast, slow, or sprint. You can walk three times a day for ten minutes, twice for fifteen or all thirty in one trip. It's up to you. Just walk every day for thirty days!

 Start by making small tweaks to your daily routine:

1. If you take public transportation to work, walk to the next stop or station. 
2. At lunch, walk 15 minutes away from your desk, eat, then walk back--maybe even the long way back. 
3. On the weekends go explore a nature trail with the family. 
4. New mothers on maternity leave, go for a walk by yourself every evening when your partner gets home. Of course you can take the baby, but getting out for some alone time will kill two birds with one stone. 
5. Only need a couple things from the store? If one is close enough, walk there! 
6. Walk the kids to school for the month. 
7. On rainy days, clean or organize a closet for 30 minutes, better yet, go to the indoor mall for some retail therapy--Again, kill two birds with one stone!
8. Set up walk-dates with freinds. Maybe enve a different friend three nights a week.
9. For a week straight, walk out of your front door and take a different street or path and see what you find! 
10. Take your walking shoes to work with you, and put them on before you leave. The first step is ALWAYS the hardest!

HINT: Tell as many people as you can that you are doing this.  Get a support group to help encourage and hold you accountable! YOU CAN DO THIS! It's just 30 minutes for thirty days. It's not hard, or an ongoing commitment. This is a challenge that you know you can do.  

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