10 FREE Fun Things To Do With Your Children This Weekend

That's right, I said, Summer. Glorious, warm, wonderful, colorful, Summer. It's here. It's time to get outside and run wild! Breathe in the fresh air, slide down slides and dust of the bikes...

Without further ado, 10 Fun and Budget-Friendly Things to Do in Summer with Kids:

1: Any game that requires a ball!

Ball games are fun for all ages. Whether it be kicking, catching or throwing, you never get too old for Balls! Think: Monkey-in-the-middle, kickball, backyard baseball, volleyball with an imaginary net...
Make your own rules and have fun. (Just don't let your little change the rules every step of the game!)

2: Hopscotch with Sidewalk Chalk!

Grab the chalk and head outside. Start with a fun game of hopscotch, and end with a sidewalk chalk art show.

3: Splashing in Pools!

Don't have a big fancy in-ground pool? No worries! There are so many fun, inexpensive and easy-to-set-up above ground pools on the market today.

4: Indoor Games

Rainy days got you down? here are a few indoor games to the rescue. Playing dress-up is always exciting for kids. It can be those fancy unicorns, dragons, fairies, astronauts or any creative thing that comes to mind. It’s fun as long as it keeps the kids engaged. Hide-and-seek is always a winner, too. When all else fails, throw a big blanket on the floor, have a picnic and finish with coloring or arts and crafts.

5: Movie Night!

Kids always love to savor their summer nights with family and watching their favorite TV shows or movies. Have a make-your-own pizza dinner followed by family movies. Still have the blanket on the floor? Throw out some pillows and get cozy with the fam.

6: Host a Potluck

Have an open weekend ahead? Invite the neighbors for a potluck. Tell the even numbered houses to bring savory dishes, while the odd numbers can bring beverages and desserts! You bring the grill items and voila, party.

7: Make Healthy Popsicles

If you follow my blog then you know, I love making healthy Popsicles, and the best part is my son doesn't know they are healthy! All he knows is that his favorite fruits go in the blender. Making healthy Popsicles is as easy as tossing fruit, yogurt and a little juice in the blender. Blend until well mixed then pour in paper cups with Popsicles sticks, or buy Popsicle molds, they are cheap and make getting healthy treats in your child all year long!

8: Jump Rope!

Talk about a fun butt blasting, (& energy-zapping for the Little's!), way to spend a few minutes! Put on a fun music, and see who can last through an entire song!

9: Outdoor Arts and crafts!

Outside arts and crafts take on a whole new meaning. Big fun and big messes! Get old cardboard boxes and some finger paint, or make a decorative garden pot. Grab some terra cotta pots, turn them upside down, get some fun acrylic paints and let the kids go nuts! BONUS: plant an elf sunflower seed in the pot and place outside!

10: Play in the dirt.

Don’t deny it, we all loved to play in the dirt. I do it every time I go in my garden. I highly recommend it! Go outside and get dirty with the kids. Make mud pies, plant flowers, splash in puddles... just go outside and get dirty and enjoy it. After all, that's what summer is about, outside fun in the sun!

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