I'm Seriously Sad For People Who Shop Online Without This...

Before I get started, I want to be very clear that this IS NOT a sponsored post in any way. I am not being paid to say a word about the following company, nor was I asked, prodded, threatened or forced to write this post. I am sharing the following information with you because I am seriously sad for people who shop online without this...

I am currently shopping my brains out online for an extended trip to Australia coming up soon. I have to buy clothes, gifts, travel crap and a bunch of other stuff. Rather than drive all over hells-half-acre to get the stuff, I'm shopping for it all online. Being an online shopping budget pro, I'm comparing prices and jumping between multiple websites. I'm also comparing cash back amounts for each retailer and available coupon code without having to do any extra steps.



Please, read these next words carefully, I swear them to be 100% true.

LOOK!  22k five-star reviews and 1.7 million users... This shit is legit!
From the Ebates website, I added the Ebates Safari and Chrome plugins with the click of a button, so every time I shop online, I am automatically prompted with how much cash back I will receive for shopping at that retailer.

Then, at Checkout, the plugin auto-runs multiple coupon codes looking for the best one. It's super cool to watch! 

In the end, I buy exactly what I want, save money with a coupon code that I didn't have to search for, AND get cash back-- paid into my PayPal on a quarterly basis. (Bank account optional)

I promise, EBATES the greatest thing ever for people who shop online! Shop as usual, get cash back and save money without having to do more than click two buttons. There's no need to go to the website while shopping or search for coupon codes, the plugin notifies Ebates your shopping at the particular store, so you don't have to!

Knowing what I know, there is absolutely no reason not to have Ebates on your browser. It's FREE MONEY! Sure, maybe there is tracking of your shopping preferences--I'm really not sure, because I don't give a shit. Everything does that already, even my credit card company.

Please, GET EBATES! It's free, takes a minute to set up and that's it. All that's left is to bank cashback and use the coupon codes. (Think: Extra money for the holidays.)

DO THIS! And don't just sign up, add the browser plugin so you don't have to do any extra crap while shopping!

Get $10 CASH just for signing up click, HERE!

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