That one time I told my son to scribble on his homework and got busted

I’m just gonna start by saying, I think excessive homework is bullshit.I find it ridiculous that children go to school for eight hours a day and come home and spend two hours doing homework. Or spend their weekends doing class projects? What kind of a childhood is that? 

There's also the issue of actually getting children to complete their homework without someone getting shanked. This was never more the case then last night. Ollie had two homework worksheets that took about an hour to complete. Well... closer to two hours if I include all the bitching, moaning, running around and throwing things we both did.

Towards the end, to prolong going to bed and drag the horrible process out because my son likes to fuck with me, he slllloooooowwwwly colored each mitten and corn to perfection. When he flipped the sheet over to six boxes of pumpkins, concerned my head was going to explode, I told him to count the pumpkins, write in the correct number and rather than color each pumpkin,  just scribble the correct color in the box. I decided having to color in each individual corn and mitten  and pumpkin became stupid-o after a while. So yes, I told my son to scribble on his homework. 

But then, my motives were questioned by his teacher when I received this text:

Naturally, I replied with truth because why lie? I deserve to take the heat. So, I sent her back this:

Because she’s awesome she sent me this:

OK. I'll admit that after the "just scribble on your homework" scenario played out, I feel like a shit. I do feel bad for letting my son not follow the directions in the interest of time and my sanity. Sorry, Mrs F, It won't happen again.

I imagine they’ll be many more of these homework struggles ahead. My fellow parents with middle school and high school kids are brought to tears when they talk about the level of homework issues and time investment they deal with daily. I suppose I should feel lucky I only deal with homework once or twice a week.

#MomLifeThe. Struggle. Is. Real.

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