4 Gun Reform Laws That Won't Screw With Your 2nd Amendment Right

Over the years, I've shied away from expressing my concerns about gun laws and mass murders. I live in Kentucky, I'm well aware of how passionate people are about their 227-year-old second amendment right to bear arms. I personally choose not to have guns in my house but understand it's my neighbor's right to own one, and while I'm not cool with it, I get it.

Yesterday, I wrote about how riddled with fear I was to send my son to school. I'm in Kentucky, I haven't finished grieving over the Marshall County High massacre, so to have another shooting only minutes from where I was born and raised, shook me to the core. I no longer feel safe sending my son to school. I'm gutted over all of this. Broken.

I had no idea sharing my feelings would result in so many attacks from internet trolls, friends and family.  It's blatantly clear, there are people out there who would rather blame fake news, mental illness, poor judgment and anything else they can to protect their right to own any damn gun they want-- basically saying, who cares that children are dying, it's our guns that need protection. 

Whether there have been eighteen or eight school shootings in 2018, the fact remains, crazy assholes are running around with assault rifles murdering innocent children and adults. Teachers are dying to protect children from a spray of bullets. Parents are terrified to drop their children at school. Fake news can't make that shit up. It's real. And it's shaken me to the core.

Yesterday and today I have been repeatedly asked, "What kind of gun reform would you propose?"  I've spent the past thirty-six hours trying to figure out what it would take for me to feel safe sending my child to school. At the risk of losing more NRA loving followers, I'm going to share my hopes for gun reform. 

4 Gun Reform Laws That Won't Screw With Your 2nd Amendment Right

1. Psychiatric screening form required as part of the process for purchasing a gun. It’s actually bullshit this is not required since everybody keeps screaming it’s all mental health issues causing these shootings. A mental health evaluation form signed by a doctor should fix that.

2. ALL weapons/accessories that can cause mass murder in under thirty seconds should be banned. There is absolutely no need for a civilian to own one.

3. Create a law that holds parents accountable when their child brings a gun to school--one count of endangerment and negligence for each child and faculty on school premises. I firmly believe this will teach parents to lock up their guns. 

4. Every school district sets up an anonymous tip-line where students can call and report concerns. When a child’s name has been mentioned five times they are immediately flagged and the parents are notified. 

What would you propose? What would make you feel safe sending your child back to school?

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