US Gun Laws: The Facts, Reality & What The Rest Of The Civilized World Thinks

I don't have the words to explain how outraged I am over the recent US school shooting at Mashall County High School. My heart aches for the families of the victims and the small community of Benton, Kentucky. Two innocent fifteen-year-old children were killed. Seventeen more injured. Five still in critical condition. 

Looking back on past school shootings, I remember the same outrage, pain, and grief. I also remember believing something would change. It had too. Children were dying at the hands of children. To my astonishment, guns weren't taken away, they were made more readily available. Assult rifles are still legal.

It absolutely breaks my heart to say this, but, I have lost all hope that lawmakers will actually do something.

Somehow, the Right To Bear Arms has taken away my child's right to an education in a safe place.

Columbine Shooters Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

It's hard to believe the Sandy Hook massacre was five years ago. Still... Guns for everyone. Assult rifles, too! 
Sandy Hook Students evacuating after the shooting
This is not a worldwide issue. Far from it.
Source: Lankford, University of Alabama, 2016 

In light of this terrible event, and the sadness we all feel as a result of American Massacres, I'm going to let a fantastically funny Australian Comedian, Jim Jefferies explain US Gun Laws: The Facts, Reality and What The Rest Of The Civilized World Thinks. Watch this, I promise, you will not only thank me, but share it with everyone you know. The facts can't be denied, and the way he presents them is beyond brilliant! There are two parts, both below. (He's Australian, expect a Fu*k or two to slip out of his mouth.)


America, we have to do something. Our children deserve better. Contact your State lawmakers and demand change. 

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