How To Order Girl Scout Cookies Online + Donate A Box To The Troops @GirlScouts

My name is April, I have a serious Samoa problem and no plans to get help. 

That would be dumb. 

I can eat those tasty little rings of gooey goodness by the box for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also may have a borderline Thin Mint and Tagalong addiction.

In other related news, IT'S GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON!!!

Every year, I order a box (or four) of our favorites. On delivery day, I open one of each box and as a family, we DESTROY them. Because one box at a time is no way to live.

Last year, when I posted the above photo on my social media channels, I had a few comments about how, "I love those, but can't get them out where I live." Being a city girl, with a Girl Scout booth on every corner, I never thought about living a life without Samoas. That would suck. 

Thankfully, for those of you currently living a life without Samoas, the Girl Scouts of America finally got it together and offer online ordering. I was honestly surprised when my girlfriend, mother of two Girl Scouts, told me online ordering is a new thing since last year. Crazy.  

Now you can order Girl Scout cookies online and have them shipped directly to you. You can donate a box of Girl Scout cookies to our troops, too! I donated two. It felt really good.

I also learned the reason those sweet little faces sell the crap out of the cookies is so they can go on a big trip with their troop. 

My friend's youngest daughters is trying to go to Savannah, Ga. Her goal is to sell 210 boxes. 

The oldest daughter is trying to earn a trip to a YES Program at Disney. She only needs to sell a mere 450 boxes.

That is so insane to me! Then again, if I could afford to buy 450 boxes, I would. I'd eat every damn one, too. SO FRIGGIN' GOOD! 

Sorry, I digress. 

To have Girl Scout cookies delivered to your door and send a few boxes to the troops, click the order form below. (It takes you to the Girl Scouts Of America, Girl Scout Cookie Order Form.) 

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