4 Valentine's Day DIY Dollar Store Party Decorations

Last year, I started a partnership with Rustoleum that has been nothing but amazing fun. The first campaign I worked on was the, Blogger Valentine's Day Decoration Challenge. I'm proud to say, one of my ideas was featured! Since the project ended after Valentine's Day, I decided to hold off on posting the ideas until this year. I'm so excited to finally share them, I present Dollar Tree Valentine's Day Party DIY Decorations.

I started by envisioning what a fun Valentine's day party table would look like. I saw lots of bowls of candy and vases of flowers. I went to the Dollar Tree and bought everything I could think of to bring the table to life.

4 glass bowls
1 glass vase
2 bunches of silk-ish flowers
1 box of metallic tattoos
1 bag of foam hearts
1 bag of chocolate hearts. (Ok one more but I ate that one.)

Below are the things I made...

Valentine's Day Flower Vase

Step one: Paint the vase. I held the vase and sprayed all around it first, bottom, too. The paint dries in minutes. I set the vase down in the box and finished the top with a few passes of the paint and let it dry.

Step 2: Once dry, I picked up the Vase the way shown above and sprayed a few LIGHT passes of the pink glitter spray paint to LIGHTLY coat the vase. I tossed in the flowers and boom, done!

Next,  I did the candy bowl. This was super fun and ultra easy! I stuck the foam hearts to the glass bowl, spacing about an inch apart, then spray painted the glass bowl by sticking it upside down in a large box, and painting all around it. 

Once the paint dried, I peeled off the foam hearts and filled the bowl with candy. SO CUTE!!!

At this point, I was on a roll! I painted a bowl all gold and pulled out the metallic tattoos. This was as easy as following the directions on the box. I ended up tattooing a second bowl too!

Next, polka-dots because, why not?  Same as the foam hearts, I stuck dots all over the bowl and hosed it in gold paint! 

Chevron? Absolutely!

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. I should have done a few bowls in just pink glitter, but I LOVED the gold. It dried super fast, too. You can get the Rustoleum Mirror Effect paint anywhere Rustoleum is sold, it comes in a bunch of awesome metallic colors, too!

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