Super Cute Winter Snowflake Activity For The Whole Family

With snow in the forecast for the next two weeks, idle time is imminent, meaning, if I don't find something to do, the kid will wreck the house like a caged bull free in a china factory.  In my search for fun family activities, I came across the cutest ideas for snowflake decorations. I'm not talking about kindergarten snowflakes. Oh, no. These are pro-flakes. And with the crazy, yet easy, snowflake templates and tutorials, making these pro-flakes looks easy.  I'm already picturing glitter tips on mine...

Check out these super-cute decorating ideas using homemade snowflakes. I bet you'll be busting out the coffee filters before sundown Saturday.

Turn snowflakes into sun catchers! TIP: Use various blue, grey and white shades of tissue paper to kick the sun catcher snowflakes up a notch. Here is a complete how-to, here.
I have every intention of making this with the Aussie and The Kid. I think it will be so cute in our hallway. Check out the how-to, here.

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This is a fantastic idea for a baby mobile. On a much, much smaller scale. Find a tree branch, paint it, then hang a few snowflakes from it. TIP: Use bold color paper to make snowflakes to play to baby's love of bold fun colors! Find the how-to, here

I think this would be a cute idea for a winter party. Maybe add hanging white Christmas lights in between the snowflakes. Find the how-to, here.

                 This is a super cute idea. Add a little glitter for extra sparkle!  Find the how-to, here

Before you think there is no way you can make such beautiful snowflakes, check this out:

If you make a snowflake decoration or have a template for an awesome snowflake, please upload it to the FTM+D Facebook Fan Page, here.

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