Free Shipping Friday: Everything You Need To Know #FreeShippingFriday

It's here, FREE SHIPPING FRIDAY! The ONE day of the year hundreds of online retailers offer no minimum free-shipping AND a guarantee of delivery by Christmas. Here are a few things to know, and seriously consider, about the National Shopping Day. Yes, Free Shipping Friday is totally a thing, just like, Black Friday.

1. Obviously, don't buy another thing online if you're paying for shipping until Friday, December 15, 2017.

2. Stores that you would never think of, with awesome stuff, are participating, so browsing (the official page) for participating stores, is a great way to find something special for that special someone, or asshole brother that's impossible to please.

3. The stores are going to be battling it out for your money. Deals, coupons and One Day Only Sales (And I'm not just talking about Macy's) are going to be crazy.

These are actual offers for Free Shipping Friday. To see more, go to

4. Clearance your ass off! With no minimum free shipping, plow through your favorite store's sale section, and buy cat socks for eighty cents or stemless wine glasses for a dollar each. This day is the day to think about everything you need or want, and find it on clearance, go crazy and find a coupon code. See just how much you can buy for five bucks.

5. Imagine running through the mall at light speed, buying your favorite things at bargain prices, and having them delivered to your house, free. THAT is happening on Friday, except you get to stay home in your PJs. I'm telling you, nearly every online retailer is jumping on this boat, don't deny yourself the clarence sections on Friday. Call it your own little Christmas miracle.

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