Do you Agree? Injury accident + Attorney + Big Insurance = WTFJH

You may remember me talking about getting rear-ended by a kid who was driving illegally in October 2016, just before Halloween. It's still a pain in my ass, both literally and figuratively. This could get long considering just how friggin' pissed off I am right now, so I'll cut to the chase and share an email I just sent Insurance adjuster assigned to my case. (I've only included the important parts.)

Good Afternoon, "Adjuster lady."

I'm reaching out to let you know that I have parted ways with my attorney, NoHelp#2. Yes, that is the second attorney I have parted ways with over the past thirteen months. Ultimately, I'm tired of allowing other people to have control over my recovery.

The last update I received about the case was in August of 2017; "NoHelp#2". Ordered the medical records to forward them to you as they arrive. I can only hope that is the case, since I have not had an update on the case since August, and have had continued issues getting NoHelp#2  to respond to my query's about the case. 

The bottom line is that in October 2016, I was rear-ended by a child driving illegally. I spent the entire 2016 holiday season in physical therapy, not with my family. When I ended physical therapy in January, because my PIP ran out, and the office my attorney at the time sent me to, "NoHelp#1"--an acquaintance that offered to help me and sort through the medical and legal issues--did not accept private insurance. I moved to my primary care physician, Dr. AWESOME, hopefully, you have medical records from her?  

I repeatedly complained of neck and back pain along with headaches through spring 2017. (I refused medication, always. I want to be pain-free forever, not medicated forever.) I went back to physical therapy and received exercises, I'm still doing. Since the accident, I've had an issue with a disc popping out at odd times, sometimes just walking up the stairs. It's been maddening, to say the least. 

Adjuster Lady, I'm at my wits end with this. It's the 2017 holiday season, and I'm still in the same place. There are outstanding doctor bills over a year old I need to rectify. I have got to get this situation settled so I can continue with my recovery and move on from this. 

Please, let me know what my next steps need to be. 

Ok, so now that you know this has been the worst kind of shitshow, let's talk about why.

NoHelp#1 Every single time I spoke to him he told me the same exact lawyer-spiel, nearly verbatim, about the difference between soft tissue injuries and fractures, and that since I did not break any bones, he "didn't think my case was worth very much." He did this for six months. I shit you not. Every. Single. Encounter. Same verbatim speech. I got frustrated the fourth or fifth speech and said I wanted to talk about ME, my case. He didn't know ANYTHING about the case. Couldn't answer one question. Then, after six months of him treating me like I was an asshole every time I asked about the case, there were some office administrative shenanigans.  I lost the plot and parted ways with him.

NoHelp#2--a friend of a friend, This guy was full of hugs, smiles, and promises, but never did a thing. On our first meeting, he told me "we aren't going to get rich off the case." I emailed him once a month, around the first and never got a reply, a couple of times I reached out on facebook messenger, he would reply there, if you'd call it that. "He was busy and would get back to me." Not that he ever did or anything. 

All these guys were focused on was money, and until they needed the money they could make off my case, it wasn't on their radar. FOR FUCK SAKE! Is that all they care about? I know it wasn't me, I was never asked if I was ok, how the recovery was going. No, not even close. 

I just want to get better. I could give a fuck about the money. I want super great insurance for two years to help me sort through this. I need the existing doctor bills related to the accident, some over a year old, settled! Pay those people directly, don't send me the money. JUST FUCKING FIX MY SHIT! 

Now, do I think big insurance adjuster lady is going to be helpful? Fix my shit with a smile?
Hell, fuck no. In fact, according to #NoHelp 1&2, Big insurance doesn't want to pay to make me better. They are in the business of collecting premiums, not paying them. That's why I have to have an attorney if I want the doctor bills paid.

She is going to make me cry, just like the kid who hit me and NoHelp #1 & #2. She is going to most likely call me a liar and shit on me. It's her job. Right? 

So why am I telling you this? Because you're probably dealing with this, have dealt with it, god forbid, will deal with it and or know someone who is. This is an issue I want to get to the bottom of. 

  • Have ambulance chasers ruined it for those of us who are really hurt? 
  • Is it all about money, and not about actually making the person, "whole again?" 

Do both the insurance companies and lawyers deal with so many scammers there's no compassion and understanding? I suspect so. But, if they deal with this shit all of the time, shouldn't they be able to see through it? Know the scammers from the scathed? I've never been in this situation. I don't sue people for a bloody living. I'm a writer! (Check out my Book, The Devlyn Disguise.)

I'm officially trying to navigate my way through my injury case, without the help of a crooked-ass money hungry no interest in helping my small shitty case, attorney. I'm facing big insurance alone. I'm not scared, remember what happened last time? CareSource? I'm going to get the medical attention I need and my bills paid, come hell or high water. 

Stay tuned, maybe I can find an easier way to get shit done and not be scammed myself, from the top down. As always, your fearless guinea pig, I'll share my adventures to help you avoid the same bullshit I'm dealing with. 

If you have any insight, experiences or tips to share, please comment below. 

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