This ADORABLE DIY Fall Twinkling Wreath Is SO Easy The Kiddos Can Help

If you are looking for a fun fall weekend Holiday craft to make with the kiddos, look no further, this Twinkling, Fall Wreath looks so cool and so real. Inspired by a Craft Recipe Box from Febreze, that utilizes their Febreze Fall Scents. This Leaf wreath is so easy to make, the cat and kiddos can help! As you'll see below, my cat, Professor Dumbledore, helped me!

While fresh fall leaves sounded wonderful, I wanted something that would last, and more importantly, not dry and crumble on my doorstep! I also had the image of embellishments and twinkling lights for extra awesomeness.

I started by first straightening out the hanger, then making it into a circle.

HINT: When you get frustrated thinking there is NO WAY the hanger will become a circle, it will. 

Keep trying.

Professor, seeing the wire whip around and the garland laying at my feet, ran right over to play help.  In my house, if it's not a crazy-kid trying to lend a hand, it's a cat or dog.

Next, I pulled the garlands together and wove the hanger through them; adding leaves at an even spacing, while adjusting the pumpkins and acorns until I had the entire wreath wrapped around the wire.

I finished by closing the circle by winding the wire hanger closed, using ends that were originally wrapped around each other. I was beyond stoked with the finished product. So easy!  

TIP: Get lights with multiple light settings.

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