I Just Put My Kindergartener On The Bus To Public School

NEVER in my life did I think I would say the words, This morning, I put my five-year old on the bus to public school. But, I did it. Not only did I do it, I feel really great about it.

 Our First Bus Stop Selfie! 

I looked at every school imaginable for my genius child. The elite schools were filled with asshole stuck up parents I wanted to throat punch. The Catholic schools were a little too cultish and not diverse enough. So, reluctantly, I checked our neighborhood reside public elementary school.

I friggin loved that school the second I walked through the doors. The office staff were friendly and welcoming. The principal is kind and cute as can be. My son's kindergarten teacher is more amazing than I could have dreamed a teacher can be. She ensured me that Oliver would be challenged at all times. He has two extra teachers in the class who will help with that. TWO! One is a graduate student on loan from the university.

And the parents? They are my neighbors, friends, and people I really want to hang out with. The diversity is off the charts. The school teaches 'compassion' as part of the curriculum. Most of all, it feels like a real sampling of the world I live in. Not 100% elitist assholes or cult-ish people I feel uneasy around.

I'm also a firm believer that, Blue Ribbon school or not, parent involvement is what makes the difference in a child's education. I have already exchanged numbers with his teacher and plan to be very involved and ask questions. I feel great about sending him to Public school, and until that changes, I'm going to take full advantage of free education and do my part to help my son excel.

Shout out to my girls M + O for breakfast and mimosas to celebrate the big day! Also, forgive any typos, I may have had two mimosas before writing this.


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