Do This To Erase Scars + Stretch Marks @ScarHeal

**Today I'm partnering with Rejûvaskin to share how I managed to erase a ten year-old scar and five year-old stretch marks! 
One of my favorite things about being a writer and blogger is the ability to share products, news, life hacks and other seriously helpful information with many, many people. In fact, I consider it an honor and a blessing. Which is why I'm very selective about the products I review, and most of all, put my name behind. Today is one of those days where I'm not only excited to tell you about a company and product that delivers amazing results and doesn't cost a small fortune; I'm excited to show you the results!
What has me the most excited to share Rejûvaskin's products is the fact that they work on OLD OLD OLD scars! Like, 16-year-old scars. HUGE!  At least, it was huge to me. I have a ten-year old scar on my chin from a motor vehicle accident in 2007.  I used the scar creams in 2007 and periodically over the years, but have not seen enough of a result to keep them up. Until now.

I was sent Rejûvaskin's RejûvaSil® Silicone Scar Gel, free for review purposes, in late May. At first, I was absolute crap at being religious about puttingthe scar gel on twice a day. I would put it on maybe once a day. Mostly at night. Then, after a couple of weeks, I was better about daily use, sometimes, I managed to remeber twice a day as instructed.

After four weeks of daily use, the results were shocking. My ten-year-old scar was no longer raised! After a decade of trying to erase facial scars, losing hope with each passing year, it's happening!!!!  Six weeks later, and I'm a friggin' Rejûvaskin believer.

NOTE: The photos are completely untouched. I cropped my face out to focus on the scars. These are true personal result on my ten-year-old scar after 6-weeks.

The scar on my chin has become so smooth; I can cover it with make-up. I seriously could not be any more amazed and elated with the results.  #SolidGold

I'll keep posting updates on my fading scars on social media, and once the scar is completely gone, and I know it will be one day, I'll post again.  I've also started using the Rejûvaskin’s Advanced Stretch Mark Cream, so look for updates on that! I'm also desperate to try the eye cream. Oh, hell, I'd try anything Rejûvaskin makes. As it is, after seeing how well the scar gel worked, I absolutely tried it on my wrinkles.


If you, or your child, has a scar that you are desperate to erase, give RejûvaSil® Silicone Scar Gel a try.  Holycrappers it works!!! To check out the complete Rejûvaskin product line, click here

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